Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giant book of Mormon!


 GOOD MORNING!!!!!!! I realize that it is super early there right now....super early?... not really cause it´s like 9h30!!!   Still that could be a little early :P

This week was awesome!!! This past Sunday was a super cool experience at the church!!
 A man walked into the chapel who I didn’t know and I started talking to him in Portuguese and he said “ I don’t speak Portuguese” so I switched to English and started talking to him.  He was here in Florianopolis to do business with the government. He owns his own software company. Guess where he lives...that is right, Provo, Utah. He asked me to translate for him so I did the best that I could translating Portuguese to English. In the end he gave me his name, his number, his email, and his company site. That just doesn’t happen out of the blue. I was actually talking to Sister Silva about it the other day and I felt the spirit while talking about my plans for after the mission so I hope that is a good sign :)

The coolest awesome thing that happened was with a giant Book of Mormon. Yesterday we set up in the Praça 15! (look it up on google!) and we had two exhibits about the Book of Mormon! We set up 10 banners in two different places and then we called the whole zone! 26 missionaries to come and help us out! It was awesome!! It started at 08h00 and it went until 11h15. Dad asked in his email about our finding group...well now we have over 100 names that we have to go search for :) Not just in our area, but all over Florianopolis. It was super fun but my throat is a little bit sore today from talking so much! We divided up into 2 groups and then into 3 sub groups in each group...finders, teachers, and writers.  The finders would talk to the people all over the park and bring them the to exhibit and then the teachers would teach about the Book of Mormon and where it came from.  Then the writers would write down everyone’s address who wanted another visit. It was super fun! My companion and I were in the finder group first. We started out and at the beginning....I don’t think I have received more no’s in my entire life.  Within 30 min I think we received 50 no´s but then we talked to this one guy and we took him to go be taught by the teachers!! I don’t think I have ever been happier to receive a yes on a contact in my life :) It was super awesome! Then everything just started rolling :) In the end just my companion and I talked to about 300 people :) It was super fun! 

A different experience that we had this week was during the emergency transfer because two new Americans arrived here in Floripa. I was trying to get everything done for them and it was super stressful and by 18h00 I was super stressed and just done with the day. We had some lessons that we had to give. Elder Jopia and I have this goal, to pray before we leave the office everyday so that we can leave behind all the stress. We prayed and then went to teach. We taught some recent converts who have not been to church for like 3 weeks so we got there and talked about how we need to overcome our doubts and fears. It was a very spiritual lesson and we left there feeling really good :) They promised to come to church tomorrow so pray for them :)
Then we went and talked to another one of our investigators. We tried to do our best to help her. She is in a really rough situation and we are trying our very best to help her out. I could just feel part of the Lords love for her and tried to help the best way I knew how. Please pray for her. She is in great need of prayer and divine help.

Well, I think that about sums up the highlights in a week in the life of Elder Pachner II  ;p 
 I know that this church is true! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that truly if one wants to become closer to Christ, all he has to do is read this book! 
I love you all with all my heart :)

Love, Elder Pachner II

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