Sunday, January 25, 2015


MY WEEK!!!!!


Well this week was pretty fun! We bought pizza! Which is always good! (brazil makes way better pizza than we have in the states!) It is rather sad to think that I won’t be able to eat bania when I get back! 
It is really hard for me when I put a word in Portuguese in the email because my brain switches and I start thinking in Portuguese!
My Portuguese is going better already! I am asking all the people that I meet how I can improve.
Ummm one really cool thing is that we were teaching our former atheist this week about the plan of salvation and she started asking cool questions like what is it like in the Telestial world and do we believe in life on other planets....we just told her you ask God if these things are true first, and after you get baptized we can explain more ;P but then she said something really awesome.
She said ´´You know when I started this I was doing it for my mom...but now I want to know for myself if these things are true.``   I know that the Book of Mormon has so much power! It teaches us more about Christ and broadens the most hard of hearts!
Another cool experience this week happened when Elder Mirnand and I were walking and I looked at this woman and I thought I recognized her but we passed and then I was like Elder didn’t we talk to her before and he was like I don’t think so. So we stopped by the street sign to see where we should go next and I recognized the name of the street and I looked in my planner and we had written down her name and address so we returned and the lady was like my name isn’t Sandra she lives in the upper apartment.  She called her and she invited us in and we started talking to her. 
She started asking about who we were why we were there and a bunch of stuff and she was really impressed by the fact that all that missionary work is done voluntarily. We told her that we leave 5 messages with people and then they decide what they want to do. She said well I move around a lot so it is better to not even start...and I was thinking and received the impression to at least leave her with the Book of Mormon.  We started teaching and she was really interested! We ended up teaching about Joseph Smith as well.  It was a great lesson :) I felt the spirit really strongly and afterwards I told Elder Miranda that she would be baptized. I don’t know when or where but I just felt the spirit testify to me that she really will be! It is  really cool to have the spirit with you all the time on the mission :)
I love you all,

Elder Pachner



This week was good! We had leadership meeting in floripa! It was really fun :) We were taught about planning with the area book! It was actually a really good training. We actually got back to our area Wednesday at about 6 in the morning after travelling for about 7 hours on a bus ;P but it was okay! 
The most important coolest thing that happened this week was a lesson that we taught yesterday! So we were knocking doors and at this one a teenager opened the door and we talked to him and he said that he would accept our message.  We were like awesome. We went in the house and we started talking to him and he was really cool.  Then as we were talking he started talking something about Muslims in France or something like that and then asked why would God want that stuff to happen.  And so we you believe in God...and he was like no, and then we asked so why don’t you believe in him. He was like if God exists why wouldn’t he make the world perfect?  I thought for a second and then I started to explain about agency, and how this is Gods way to show love for us. Then I asked him have your parents ever forced you to do anything?  He was like, yes and I said...did you like it? No.   I said in the same way that you didn’t like it when your parents forced you to do something you would never like it if God forced you to do something. It was a good lesson and I felt the spirit as I taught :)
This week was really rushed but we were still able to teach a different lesson that was really good! We were talking to one of our investigators and we decided to just answer his questions and then we showed him a video of Elder Holland bearing his testimony about the Book of Mormon! It is an amazing video and I feel the spirit super strong when I hear it!  Then we bore our testimonies and left! It is a good way to leave the investigator thinking about the lesson! 
I love you all and I know this is only two stories from a whole week but I forgot to write everything down in my planner to remind myself what to write about!
I love you all! I know that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is also true!
Love, Elder Pachner

P.S. I forgot but I was asked to give a talk for 10 min but the speaker before gave a talk for about 2 min. so as I walked up the president of the branch looked at me and said 20 min!! hahahahahaha I was like holy cow!! But in the end I ended with 17 min so it all turned out okay ;P


That’s not a Bible
So this week I will start off with a funny story ;P  The other day we were visiting this family and we were talking and they told us that they were going to move to Paraná. (a different state) We just talked to them for a little and then we helped them with some questions. The mom told the daughter to go grab the bible before we taught and when I saw the bible I realized that it was a Jehovahs Witness bible....and I thought....I can’t let them go to Paraná with this bible and be converted by the JWs!!!!! So I was like actually that isn’t a bible. They were like what do you mean and I was like look at the book. It doesn't say the word bible on any part. They were like, are you sure, and I was like, yes I am sure.  I took it and I found a verse that was really weird.....I will was in the Songs of Solomon… and I asked the dad to read it...and he was like....Holy Cow! I cannot believe I let this in my house please throw it away and we were like we can throw it away for you guys and so now we have started a collection of the bibles in the house ;P ahhahahahahahaha it was really funny.  We did teach them something at the same time. We read Isaiah 24:5 which talks about how the apostasy would happen because the people changed the statues of God and broke the covenant.  We explained about the 5th Article of Faith how we need to look for the best translation and then I showed them the where they could buy a bible for $10 because normally here in Brazil they cost like $100!!!
Ummm other things that happened this week! I got to teach a really cool lesson! Sometimes as a missionary you have a tendency to use the same scriptures over and over again and the other day I felt like breaking that. I started studying different scriptures and there was one in Acts 21:3-5 which talks about Moses talking about Joseph Smith so as we were teaching I used that scripture before I started talking about Joseph Smith. I felt the spirit really strongly while I was teaching and I could see in eyes of our investigator that he could feel it as well. He started to smile and then I bore my testimony and then my comp bore his and we asked him how he was feeling and he said....Like I have more wisdom!  I was like, perfect that is the spirit testifying that these things are true! Remember how you are feeling right now so that when you read and pray about the Book of Mormon you can recognize the spirit :)

It was a really good lesson and I felt just happy afterwards! That picture of the baptism was a guy that I had taught in Videira II. He was baptized by his friend who we baptized 3 weeks earlier :) It was just a really cool experience to see them both so happy and being able to share the experience of conversion together.
I am so very happy here :) the Mission is a blast! Right now I am in Floripa for the leadership conference so I should have some good stories for next week!

I love you guys so much! I know that this church is true! I know that truly Christ lives! He was resurrected on the third day and at the same time gave hope for all mankind that by Him and through Him we may be saved! 

I send all my love, Elder Pachner 


 How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel.

I think Isaiah was trying to be funny! : )

Fleliz Chritsemburg
I Figured that was the best way that I could write merry Christmas in ´´German ;)´´ I think that was one of the weirdest things that has ever happened.   ((Kade told us a story when we talked on Christmas day about meeting 9 people who had been drinking a bit.  He told them he was from a certain place in Barzil where a lot of German people live because he doesn't like to tell people he is from the USA.  Before leaving one of the guys told him his friend told him how to say Merry Christmas in German but he forgot and asked Kade what it was.  Kade made up the word Chritsemburg, and the guy goes "Yeah that's it!!"  Kade said they left quickly after that.))
My week went well!! We worked really hard. Most of the people her leave the city during Christmas and New Year so it is kind of hard because right now it is summer break so everyone goes out to Floripa and then the city like empties because everyone gets like one month of holidays...yup even the adults at is strange.
Well we were able to stay out until one in the morning on Christmas Eve! That was fun! We went to this member’s house. It is a tradition here Brazil to eat a huge dinner at midnight and to exchange presents! It was super fun and we played some Uno! Unfortunately I lost....but it was all still fun! ummm well I talked to you guys on Christmas day! That is pretty much the high light of this week! It was super fun to see you guys. There is no better Christmas present than seeing your family after 6 months.....except maybe an Aston Martin DB9 (fast car)....I would have to think about that one ;P
Funny thing was we were going to apartment buildings and pushing all the buttons and trying to talk to people and this one lady what like for the love of....and I thought to myself.....well that is what we are talking about Gods love for us ;P hahahaha but i decided that it probably wouldn’t have been the best thing to joke around with her so I just left it at that ;P
I just want to say that I love you guys and I am so very happy to see you all!! 

Love, Elder Pachner!!



Christmas bells are ringing!! I can’t wait to talk to you guys!! So I can talk only on Christmas day!!!! I will be calling at around 3 o´clock MY TIME but I mean other than that everything seems to be good!!!

Everything is going really well with me! My companion and I are working really hard here :) He is also a zone leader!  I am having a great time here! We always have a bunch of adventures! This week we passed through a trail on the jungle!! It was pretty fun!! I mean I was scared to death that a scorpion would stink my legs but all went well :P 
I did something new! I started teaching an atheist! That was different! Elder Miranda had passed by her house before and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read alma 5. Then he thought that would be the end of it...but she called him and asked to come to church! Now she is our investigator! What is funny is that she doesn’t believe in God...but she keeps our invites...the things we challenge her to do like read the Book of Mormon and pray....I don’t remember the right would for that in English but it is chapter 11 in PMG. Anyways, it’s because there a like a bunch of people that we teach who believe in God who don’t do any of those things and she ´´doesn’t´´ believe and still does what we ask! Will power! She is really cool and we asked her to read Alma 22 which talks about how King Lamoni came to the knowledge of God. It was a really cool lesson and she is awesome!

We are having a bunch of fun teaching this one family! They are really cool the only problem is that they need to get married!!! But anyways it is really cool to be with their family because the mom has cancer but the cool thing is how happy their family is! They don’t focus on the bad stuff they only laugh with one another! This week we are going to talk about the sealing.
I know that this church is true! I know that Jesus Christ in our savior and redeemer. I know that he restored his church through the prophet Joseph Smith! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God today! I know and love the fact that the Lord is so merciful with us to allow us all the chances to hear the gospel. God loves all of his children and just as you love me, God would never do anything to hurt his children. I know this to be true because I ASKED because I know that God gives to all men who seek after him. I love you all! I am so grateful for the temples and the convents we made when we were sealed for time and all eternity!
Love, Elder Pachner

Isaiah 55: 8-9


Christmas Conference
This week we had Christmas conference!! That was super fun!! We had a little bit of a training but most of all we just played games! Presidente brought an Xbox with connect so we went and played the sports games! It was super fun! There was Uno and ping pong and checkers and a bunch of stuff! It was really cool! We had a white elephant exchange and I ended up with an awesome present :)
I am getting Videira I. Yup it is a big change… all I am going to do is work on the other side of the river now :P My new companion is elder Miranda. He was actually one of the district leaders here and now he is my companion! It should be really cool to work with him! 
So about Christmas and skype. So we are authorized to call home only on the 25th. IS that going to work with everyone?!?! The plan is to call at 3 o´clock my time, but I will make the hard confirmation this next week!

What I learned from my companion this transfer: I learned about humility! He is an amazingly humble missionary and I really admire him for that! He is a super awesome guy to work with and he never complained! It will be sad to see him go but I know he will be alright there in Joinville.
So this week I had the opportunity to talk to some less actives...It wasn’t very fun! I learned that what Alma 24:30 says is true. After we have received the light and then we turn away we are a lot more hard hearted than we were before and our state before God turns even worse. I know that without a doubt those who have received the truth and then turned away from it have a lot harder time repenting that those who are just starting!! It was one of the few times on my mission where I have actually called someone to repent. It wasn’t very fun but the spirit was strong so I knew I was doing the right thing. 
Something good this week! This week I had a division with Elder Candan! He is from Argentina! It was a good division and we were able to teach some good people. The only problem that I am having is that some of the missionaries in the zone aren’t actually doing anything close to their best. But we are working on that! :) It should be a little easier now that I have another zone leader to help me do everything because alone it was a lot of stuff to do!!
I love you all and I am so glad for all the love that you have for me!
I know that this church is true. God LIVES! He loves each and every one of us. Compared to God we are nothing but to him we are everything! We all have this divine potential the only thing we need to do is use it to become more like him! I know that Jesus is the Savior of the World! How amazing is the thought that a small boy born in a manger would be the savior of mankind. I love my savior and I love his work! 

Love, Elder Pachner


 Hahahaha I saw some guy on the street with and accordion and I had a funny thought....True hipsters play the accordion!! hahaha I thought it was really funny!!
So this week was a good week!! This week a miracle truly happened here! So this zone....last week it was stinking it up! It died a turned rancid. Like really bad! We taught only 69 lessons.....for 16 missionaries!!!! Horrible!! but this week what happened was  I was talking to the assistants about it and one of them gave me the suggestion of a zone fast.  So we did. But I was searching for a purpose to our fast and as I opened up by Book of Mormon I was in Alma 17 which talks about how all the missionaries were discouraged and how they needed help so they fasted and prayed!  I took their fast purpose.  I them called the district leaders and told them and they were all really impressed with the idea so we did. We doubled most of the numbers this week. We taught 160 lessons which was way bigger than what happened last week and this week should be even better.

 I had two divisions (splits) with Elder Miranda and Elder Martins! It was really fun! They are really cool people. Elder Miranda is from Bolivia and Elder Martins is from São Paulo. It was fun to have the divisions with them!! I would send you pictures but the memory card keeps saying I need to format it........yeah I lose all 800 pictures that I have......I am hoping I can get it to Elder Batista because he knows how to get around that... but yeah not too happy about that.
Also we had a baptism this week :)  One for our companionship and one for Elder Martins and Elder Hilario. It was really cool! the only sad thing was that one investigator was also marked and everything was ready but he just didn’t show up....we talked to him afterwards and he said that he just got depressed about it and didn’t have the courage to was sad but we are going to try again in two weeks.
This week I have a funny story so we got to church.....first let me explain how we get to church....we have to walk up a mountain and then a huge stair case! It is really not fun! But okay so we got to church and one who had just been baptized showed up and we were like where is (the investigator that didn’t show up)  and he was like he was sleeping and said that he didn’t want to come because he felt ashamed to show up in church after skipping out on the baptism. So we told the branch president we were leaving and we left, walked over 20 min to his house and then we woke him up and took him to church with was funny because everyone looked at us like we were crazy.  I really didn’t care I was bringing investigatores to church and for me that was enough :) 
This week we are going to have Christmas conference so I think I should be able to open up my Christmas presents and I will also find out what day I can talk to you guys on skype!!! :) I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Pachner


 Dec 1, 2014
 Deus Forte!!
SO this week was a good week! Well on the part of the spiritual nourishment because on the part of us being in our area that really didn’t happen too much this week. We had a good p-day and then on Wednesday we went to Itajaí a bus ride of over 8 hours!!!!! ! That was kind of stressful at first because I had to make sure that all the bus times fit and I had to get everyone all together. But in the end all went well.  When we got on the bus my son was there!!!!! Elder William!!! and he had a son too!!! I am a grandfather ;) The only problem is that his son is bigger than both of us!!!
Then we got to Itajaí and had a conference with Elder Costa. He is the area president of Brazil! Which was super cool! It was actually really cool to talk to him. He had a bunch of really funny stories and It was really inspiring to hear him speak. He talked about how we believe in the strong Christ, the Christ that after being brutally treated by the Romans carried his cross of about 100 kilos halfway to Calvary.  I felt a lot better after it :)
Then we got back to our area on Friday morning!!! at like 1 in the morning and then we had to go to Joaçaba that afternoon.
One of the days me and my companion were walking on the street and it was super hot and I was sweating a lot and he looked at me and then asked.....Elder Are you Sweating??? I looked at him and I said....No Elder I am not sweating, my body is just crying because of all the mountains that we climb!! hahahahaha it was really funny!
And then the other day I was asked to give a talk to the branch and so I asked the president what the topic would be and he told me missionary work and I was like alright!!! I can talk about that one ;P I gave examples from the scriptures where the first time the prophets or apostles went to a city they had no success and then they would return with people from the city to help them and they would have a bunch of success :) I talked about Abenadi and Alma; Alma the younger and Amulek; and Ammon and the king. It was really fun!! I burned a little bit but in a good way! In the end I told them that We needed them! That only through working together could we finally turn this branch into a ward!!
I got my other Christmas box!! Can I open it?????????? PLEASE?!??!?!??!
That is about what I have to say this week :P I cannot wait to skype with you guys!! Make a list of questions that you want to talk about so that I can remember things!! Because in the moment it is really hard to remember!
 I love you all!!

 Love, Elder Pachner