Saturday, June 27, 2015

my week


 Well this week was good!! It was a little bit stressful with all the office work but all in all it keeps going...the only bad thing that happened is that this week was the mission counsel.....and unfortunately that brought with it a new rule....we are not allowed to play sports on the mission now. No basketball, volleyball, or ultimate frisbee...I was rather disappointed but then I realized that in murmuring I was being like Lamen and Lemuel and just decided to go and do it like Nephi. Besides, its only 9 more weeks ;P hahahahahahaha but no I’m not trunky....I’m prepared :P   At least that is what I told president and he started to laugh :P

It was interesting in the fact that now I have like a social security number here in Brazil!!! I am a citizen...except not :P
We were teaching the little ones again this week :) It is always a really cool experience because they understand so much and are so pure. It was interesting because as we were talking about the Book of Mormon and how you have to pray to receive the answer the 10 year old was like. ``but how will I feel??´´ It was interesting because she was so interested in what she would feel when so many of our investigators don’t ask any questions like the little kids!

We are teaching the Ecuadorians still and that is interesting. My companion teaches in Spanish because they understand it better....and that is when I realized that Spanish and Portuguese aren’t as close as I thought they were. But it was still good. It was one of the few moments when I was dying not really knowing what to say but it worked out fine in the end. It was interesting because I felt that I should speak a little bit stronger to the husband. The wife is truly a saint! She pays her tithing, studies the scriptures, prays very well, and is trying to become more like Christ. He does nothing. So we talked about the change that the gospel makes in us. We asked him what he would lose if he started reading, going to church, and practicing the gospel? He said nothing, and then we told him that he would lose a lot if he didn’t start practicing the gospel now! It was a good moment and the spirit was strong :)

I know that this gospel is true! That the spirit is the teacher!  What we are here to do as missionaries is invite the spirit into the homes of people so that they can feel the true  happiness that comes from following our savior Jesus Christ!! He lives and Loves each and every one of us :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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