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11/25/2013 Email Exchange

Parents (P):  Hi Kade! I looked up Barranca and Criciuma on a map.  Barranca came up at being next to Paraguay, and Criciuma below Florianolopis.   What is your exact address?  We don't know where you are.

Elder Pachner (EP):   Wait are you on right now :)   Because if you are we can talk back and forth by email like this!! Its okay :)

P:  Yes

EP: Yeah!!!!!  Hi ;)

P:  So where are you?

EP: I am in Araranguá. It is a city that is really close to the state Rio Grande De Sol.   My area is monstrous!!!!!! We are in charge of about 5 different cities!!! More like towns but still we have to take a charter bus to get to one of them!!

P: What is the weather like? Have you received any of the packages we sent?

EP:  I have not! However our leader de zone says that I have 4 or 5 letters and I will be receiving those tomorrow at district meeting!!!!

P:  So can we write to you directly where you are, or do we have to keep sending to the mission office?

EP:   You have to write directly to the mission office...I don’t really know why but It’s a rule!  I am living in an apartment should see the electrical work.....ummmmmmmmm scary!!!   But we keep ourselves safe and it is super funny! I like feel the need to clean everything! 

P:  Except for your room probably!  

EP:  True my room is the most messy!  Did you just receive pictures from me?

P: Are you getting enough to eat?  Do you need money?  Is there a good way to get money to you?

EP: The only way to really get money to me is to send it in a guy in the ctm had his mom disguise it in a card which was pretty legit! And if you could send me a little money that would be great because I need money for small things for you guys and for a piano book because I am teaching about 12 kids now! :P   It’s so strange,  everyone looks at me here because I am exotic.....I am like James Bond....but my accent isn’t as cool because apparently it just sounds like I mumble :P

EP  Sends this picture and asks:   Do you think that this is a picture of bananas or a cockroach! :P

P: US dollars or a prepaid visa?  We saw the cockroach...looks pretty big!!  James Bond huh?  Are you taller than like everybody?

EP:   I am not taller than everyone but I am defiantly really tall! :P     Food, I am eating fine!! We have lunch with a member everyday and then we eat spaghetti for dinner every night! The other day this one lady gave me a half a banana cake was soooooooo good!!! I almost died! 

 P:   I am soooo glad dad's spaghetti diet prepared you for your mission.  Hahaaha    So the main meal is lunch?

EP:   hahahah for reals!   The main meal is pasta with rice and a form of meat...and always coke or fanta...but it tastes really weird here because the water and the sugar is different :P

P: That's interesting.  I would think coke is coke.  Is the water filtered?  Can you drink from the tap in your apartment?

EP:  I have too....I was using a filtered water bottle that they gave to me in the MTC but apparently here in my mission you can’t use them because Pres. Fernandes thinks they cause cancer so yeah..Ii drink from the tap but its kinda unavoidable because when you ask for water at members houses too you have to drink for the tap

P:  Where do you get the computer you use to email?

EP:  We go to this place called lan house...we have to pay about 2.50 reais but it is covered by mission funds.

P:   In this huge area you cover how many wards are there?  Are there lots of members?

EP   : Only one branch but that is okay,  we are working on building it! I think by the end of December we will have 6 baptisms! And there are about 60 active members

P:   Wow!  Where does the church meet?  Someone' house?   Are you teaching piano to members or non-members?

EP:   Members! But I am hoping to attract non members too! Especially to English class!    Tomorrow we are actually going to a school to speak to them for English

P:  Do you have a time limit on the computer?  Can you send us "a day in the life of" for a normal Sunday, P-day, and regular day in your next letter?

EP:   Yes, I have a time limit of an hour

P:  Your companion is from Brazil right?

EP:  Yup! He is from São Paulo! He is engaged!!!!

P:   Wow...that must be tough.  How long has he been out?  

EP:   7 months.   Do you want a real letter or to continue this?

P:   Both of course!   ;-)

EP:   Ahhh,  well that will be difficult but as long as you don’t mind being cc in the copy that  I am sending to Rachel in between messages to you  :P

P:   We will take anything!  Are you healthy?  Do you feel good or are you still adjusting to the diet?

EP:   Every once and a while my stomach decides to kill me, but other than that I am okay!! I don’t know what it is but something really destroys my insides when I eat it!

EP:  Did you see my 50 pounds of bananas!  It was just growing in a tree along to road so we took it home :)

P:  That is a lot of bananas!  

 P:   So how do you get investigators?  Do you have to tract or are you working the members?

EP:   Tracting!   Every day we tract some! Last week we actually taught some 30 lessons and the week before was 42! We talk to everyone! We knock doors make contacts in the street! Its weird here there are gates in front of everywhere so you have to clap your hands and that is knocking but if you are really familiar you can walk to the door and knock...its different

P:  That is a lot of lessons.  Are people receptive?   Mom says that you look like you have lost weight...are you eating enough?

EP:    Yes! Everyone is super nice....they will all talk to you.....getting them to believe it is the hard part.  Catholicism has a strong hold here and… I gained weight! I gained about 10 in the ctm but yeah I am slowly losing weight here but I am also walking 15-20 miles a day!

P: How many bananas do you eat a day!  Where do you get those?

EP: I eat at least 2 a day! and we just saw them in a tree!

EP:   Dad you blessing of me before I came out here was totally true! You said I would teach people primarily through the Old and New Testament  and that is just what I am doing! Everyone is Catholic and everyone believes a lot in the bible so we use it!  It’s really different though because It’s only the bibilia sagrada which is a catholic bible so some of the verses are different! But it is still sacred.   The church isn’t allowed to print the King James version here so they don’t have the JS translations.

P:   It is amazing how blessings work and how precise that they can be!  So you have to use the catholic version of the bible when you teach?  I have a friend at work that is catholic and I'm learning a lot about his church (as he learns about mine).  I find that the Catholic faithful are amazing people who have a lot of faith.

EP:   Btw remember to read D&C 31   I know that these blessings were given to me and I know that they are a comfort to me!  I am reading the LOM in Portuguese and the BOM in English side by side and I am understanding most of it without using the BOM! :)

P: Do you bike at all or just bus from major place to major place and then walk from there?  How often do you go on splits with other members of your district or zone?

EP: I have never gone on a slip here...we actually aren’t allowed to have bikes and we don’t have enough money to use the buses all the time! So we walk

P:   I'll read it as soon as we are done.  I have been re-reading the conference talks and it was truly an amazing many talks spoke to my heart and I felt like they were directed at our family.  

EP:   During prayer I pray for our families.....and then for the Buxtons....and then for the Greenwoods....and then I realize that I include the world because all families need these blessings!

EP: Okay unfortunately it has now been an hour! I love talking to you guys! And I can’t wait to get my mail tomorrow! I have already learned a lot about myself and I can’t wait to discover more!  Mom, I love you with all my heart! I know that I will see you and you will be waiting at the end of the terminal when I fly home from my mission! I know this! I love you so much!
Dad, I love you soo much too! You have taught me how to be a man, and every day I try to live how you taught me! To work until the work is finish and not just finished but near perfect! I love you and I know you are a righteous holder of the power and authority to act in God’s name. I love you! I miss you guys but don’t worry I am not home sick! I was the first day but I am fine now! I sang the song Come Come Ye saints...think about that song! Dad I know you are probably feeling scared and a little powerless to help mom but remember Isaiah 41: 10 and in 2 Nephi chapter 4 verse 24ish I think God gives us afflictions to strengthen us! You are already so strong in this gospel everything I think about you serving your mission with only a year of church amazes me! You inspire me to be the best missionary I can be! I love you!
Send me pictures of the family :) and ask if Madison is getting my emails too!

Love, Elder Kade Joseph Drag racer Pachner

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nov. 18, 2013

For any of you that are interested in writing Kade directly, here are his addresses:

If you would like to mail Elder Pachner, or send a package, please send to the following:

Elder Kade Pachner
Brazil Florianopolis Mission
R. Feliciano Nunes Pires, 42
88015-220 Florianopolis - SC

This is last week's letter.

      This week has been pretty good! I have to tell you about something Hiliarius I heard! It was night time and we were getting ready for bed adn the window was open when what did I hear.....What Does The Fox Say!!!! Here in Brazil!!!!! I died! I just started laughing so hard and rolling around on my bed and my companion just looked at me like I was crazy! It was super funny to me!

      And then one day when we were walking in Barranca I saw this gigantic lizard!!! I freaked out a little bit and we heard it running off through the brush and Elder Arenie asked me what it was and I told him it was a huge lizard!! He asked how big and I like yelled in portuguese big enough to eat a chiwah wah....which was super funny at the time and we just kinda died laughing for a little while :P

      On the more informational side I am teaching piano to like everyone here!!! They all think piano is just amazing and so I figured I could teach it  to them! I am super graetful that you guys made me take piano lessons!! Seriously! It is helping all the kids like me in the branch here!

      Also we taught our first investigator! I tried teaching her and all she said what that she couldn't understand what I was saying because of my accent........I was really put out...but the next day we were on a bus to Criciuma (we had a meeting with Presidente Fernades) and some lady sat next to me! And I debated in my head if I was going to talk to her on not....and then the thought came to my mind about the scripture in D&C about opening your mouth and it shall be I did! And by no means was it perfect portuguse but it  was a good lesson and now she has a Book of Mormon and we are teaching her the lessons! Also I was able to talk to this other guy on the bus about the gospel and I gave him the first lesson all by myself!! :) It was cool he had actually helped construct the temple in Curitiba!

      What else! WE have like 14 investigators! I love that :)   This is like amazing! Everyone in our district is jealous :P   We are doing great here!

      Sunday I learned something new...I was thinking about how I wanted to bear my testimony to the branch when lo and behold the person conducting the meeting was like now we would like to invite Elder Pachner up to bear his testimony :P   I did and what I learned is that a testimony doesn't have to be complex or long to be good.  I gave a short and simple testimony and I felt the spirit strongly :) It was a great opportunity and one that I am grateful for!
      I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and I know that he loves you too! :)   It brings me incredible peace to think that all this life is is a test...and that if we are faithful we can live for ETERNITY together! :)    I want this so bad and I want to give this to others as well! I love you all!!! Be Happy and know that God lives and watches over you!

Love, Elder Pachner

Words of wisdom for a guy at the CTM! Always remember you have two names on your name tag....that of your Savior and that of you family...never do anything that would dishonor either of them

This is a picture of the rickety bridge that he has to cross over a river of green water.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

11/11/13 Letter (First Letter From Florianopolis)


I am having a great time here!!!!! I am learning a whole lot all at once!!! Everyday I get a  lot better at Portuguese and I can have conversations with the people here!!! The first thing my trainer (Elder Arnie a Brazilian) Said was that I had some pretty good Portuguese!!! I was excited about that! He told me that I talked way better than the first american he trained! 

Ummm other things about the first day here....well I was told to take a taxi to the bus station, buy a ticket to some city i couldn't pronounce.....then once i got to this city i had to also buy another ticket and  then arrive at my area. ararangua! .............yeah all by my was so extremely scary! I had no idea what was going on!! I actually got off at the first stop, which happened to be the wrong city, but the bus driver wouldn't give me my bags because he knew that I was in the wrong place!! I was pretty relieved about that!! So then some nice British lady helped me buy my ticket at the other city and that's where I met my companion and I have been okay ever since! 

So far we have 6 new investigators!! Which is like crazy! and we helped an inactive family come back to church!!! I was stoked about that because we were only suppose to get one inactive for month but we already have two!!!! and it was only the first week!!! 

First day in the was pretty companion only speaks limited English and there was just alot going on! so my first day that I have really been home sick on the mission...after that though It was been great. We have lunch with the members and everyone is really surprised by my Portuguese! We are actually setting up a free English class so that we can find more people to teach!!! It has been pretty cool!! The craziest thing that I have eaten is a it is all going pretty great over here :P I am not even the picky eater! My companion has already told the members of the ward he doesn't eat beans, fruit, or sweets!!! Which is crazy in my book!!! Everything here is like a billion and one dollars!!! They have a 30% tax on everything!!!!! It is rough! We get about 220 reals every month to eat so we eat alright! Hmmm well I have to wash all my fruit and drink from a special water-bottle so I don't get some random disease but its all good!!! So far we walk about 20 miles a day! So it is actually not bad!! These first pictures are from Provo and these later ones are from Brazil!!!! I love it here!!! Portuguese is such a pretty language! 
I did not receive any packages....but the mtc in Brazil does not receive them! so that could have been the problem! My new address is the address you have in the mission call has the florianopolis misison office and thats where all the letters go and then they get distributed to all the missionaries! Monday is my new p-day!!! So its all good here!!! 

Tell me all about what is going on at home :) I miss you guys and hope you are having a great time!!! Also read the letter I attached to the next email! It has all the funny stories from my stay at the mtc :P and tell me what you want to know about brazil!! It is like the land of puppies! THere are puppies everywhere here!!!!! seriously you can´t go five feet down the street without seeing a puppie!!!! It is ridicoulous!!! and there are lizards here about 1 meter in length....aphhhhhhhh i dont like them! me and my comp were down at the river taking pictures with him camera and all the sudden a huge thing moved in the grass and I was like what the heck was that and he said cachorro....which means dog.....and I was like yeah now whenever we hear something that we dont know we just yell cachorro!!! :P

I love you all so very much!!!!! I am so glad I am serving here in brazil and that you are my family :)

Ohhh and I already know what I want for christmas.......peanut butter!!!!!!! and gatorade mix! Thats all I want :P you dont even have to send me a coat or sweaters! Just peanut butter :) 
Love Elder Pachner