Saturday, June 27, 2015

My week


Well my week has been a little (really) crazy ;P It was Transfer week!! Which means craziness week :P
We had 4 Americans who got here straight from the United States....which meant that I had to do everything to get them registered.  I learned a bit more and now I am learning how to work with makes me realize that I really don’t want my job to be in front of a computer all day! I am so going for a science degree!! :) 

When I took all the Americans who were going home to the airport we ran into some other Americans who were going home after the iron man that took place here on the island. It was super weird to hear them speak in English and it was funny because they thought I was Brazilian (it looks like a got my tan back ;P) and they started talking about us.  Super strange, but now I know, I am so teaching all of you Portuguese :) It is way prettier than English ;P

Our investigators are getting close to baptism :) we have been helping one of our investigators stop smoking! She is now down to 4 cigarettes per day!! yahoo!!!

We had a really cool experience this past Sunday. Elder Jopia and I were running around trying to get all of our investigators to church. We were walking really fast trying get there on time to take our investigator by bus to church but as we were walking we saw this woman sitting outside and we said “good morning”  and she looked back at us, smiled, and said “good morning”. we past still talking but I had a thought, ´´Why didn’t you talk to her?´´  I thought about being late and not wanting to be weird walking back, but I felt the need to talk to her even stronger so I looked at Elder Jopia and he looked at me and we both knew we had to go back.  We walked back and we said hi but she had her eyes closed with ear phones in.  We called her like 4 times and she never seemed to hear...and it was kind of awkward but finally I walked up and touched her shoulder and she looked up at us startled.  We just started talking to her and we found out that she had already seen the missionaries and invited them to her house in Curitiba but she had moved. We told her that we needed to talk to her about eternal families and she started to get choked up and told us about her recent divorce and how she wasn’t sure if she would see her children again but we testified again and now we will be teaching her :) I left that contact feeling the spirit very strong. I knew that God had put one of his choice spirits in our way so that she could receive another chance to return to him one day :)  It was a good experience, a kind of experience that makes you super happy :)

I know that God loves all of his children and I know that he really wants every single one of his children to return to him and that is why we are here, to find the elect that are still out there :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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