Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/22/14 Letter

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 I'm going to start the blog today with a note from Eber & Bianca Beck, members in the area that Elder Pachner is serving in.
Warm Regards, Chris

Letter from the Eber & Bianca Beck:
Dear Pachner Family, Congratulations for raising this amazing missionary, Elder Pachner. Our family love him and his companion, Elder Schoen! It is a pleasure to us having them as missionaries in our ward. They have been working hard here at our ward. Last week we worked together to help a friend of mine in his preparation to be baptized on this last Saturday.

After the Baptismal meeting, Elder Pachner, Elder Schoen, a family of investigators, another member of our ward, my wife and I went to a pizzeria. Our intentions when we scheduled it was to say goodbye to Elder Schoen. We thought that he would be transferred. This family of investigators and the other member are attending the English classes at the Church. However, we received the news that none of them would be transferred!!! That was GREAT, and we went to the pizzeria anyways to celebrate it !!!

Sincerely, Eber and Bianca Beck.

 (Elder Pachner is on left side at back of table) 

 Letter from Elder Pachner:

Alrighty! I will start off with a really weird story :P Yesterday we were in Floripa (Florianopolis) and this reggae hippy dude walked up and wanted to give us all hugs! I gave him a handshake but then my friend gave him a hug so I was kinda obligated to hug him....it wasn’t the best hug I ever received! Then he asked for some money but he was really funny about it so we gave him some and then he hugged us all again and kissed us on the cheek with his nasty beard....................Yeah.............It was really strange! But it was pretty funny too! Anyways the Brazilian people are really more touchy feely than Americans usually are.

Anyways, we have had some cool things happen this week as well! We had the baptism of an investigator from Serrirhia ward. We use the same chapel and Elder Schoen is district leader so we set up the chapel for the other elders :) It was really cool! He is really going to be a great member of the church and he is thinking about going on a mission!

OUR INVESTIGATORS WENT TO CHURCH!!! Well at least two of them went to church! But it is a start! It is awesome! I feel as though this area will actually start to progress! :)

 I did learn something this last transfer. I learned that you can work as hard as you can but that doesn’t mean anyone is going to get baptized. Baptisms truly are not the measure of success on a mission. If you are feeling the Spirit and you feel that God has accepted your work then you know that you are truly having success on your mission.

 (Elder Pachner (left) and Elder Schoen (right)) 

Um one more thing....am I forgetting anything......I don’t thing soo.....ohhhh now I remember.....

 Happy Birthday DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you so very much! I have learned so much from you and I am so very proud to be able to claim you as my dad! I am doing my best to honor our name here and I promise I will carry on your legacy of Hard work and Faith! I love you so much and I just want to let you know that I miss you so much and more than ever I am so grateful that God allowed me to have a dad like you! Love you dad!!!

Anyways, I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week!! :) I know I will. Love, Elder Pachner

Saturday, April 19, 2014

04/14/2014 Letter

Sooooo....I got my birthday box and of course opened it before I read the letter that said not to open it until my birthday.......but that’s okay :) We are actually going to celebrate my birthday today with some of my favorite memebers!!! :) I Am Really Excited!! And it helps that my companion is a super hero fanatic and so the spider man stuff is perfect! The members names are Eber Jr. and Bianca and they are actually going to be moving to the States!

(Elder Pachner is the second from the right in the pictures above)

Ummmm yeah this week was pretty good! I am learning so much! Unfortunately nobody came to sacrament meeting however that is okay! We are doing our job and that is what the Lord asks of us! We actually are going to have a marriage here! We are going to get our investigators married and then they will be able to get baptized! They are a family of 6 but only four of them have the age to be baptized! I probably won’t be here to see them get baptized but I am still super happy for them and the progress they are making! It really was super special when we taught them the plan of salvation this past week. You can just see how much they love their kids!  It was just nice to see because that is not something you usually see here in Brazil. I am so very happy that we are all sealed together! I know that through the power of the priesthood we were sealed to be a family for time and all ETERNITY. There are no other people that I would rather be sealed with than my family (…and of course my future wife ;) ) but other than that you guys are great :)

I have had some deeper thoughts about prayer this week...it has actually helped me a lot. Specifically it is about my relationship with Heavenly Father. I was thinking about my prayers....and on the whole they just seemed like just a huge list....thanks for this, this, and this, and I need this, this, and that. It didn’t seem very personal and I realized that God is my Father and I know almost nothing about Him. I decided to start talking, as if I were talking to Dad, because truly he is my Father. I told him about my day, my worries, how I was feeling. I started to talk about questions that I have always had and asked for explanations. It was actually one night when I was super tired and a little discouraged and I just knelt down and truly talked to Him. I awoke the next day with feelings of peace and I knew that Father had heard me, that He truly was listening and that I was truly beginning to develop a real relationship with him! It has made me feel so much better and has helped me to find deeper meaning in my prayers. 

Everyone keeps telling me about how cold the winters are here so I don’t know how bad it will be yet. It is just the fact that I have had a year of summer and have kind of adapted to the heat now.

But this week I have been doing great! My health is good! I cannot wait to talk to you guys on Skype in like 30ish days!!!! Can you believe that it has already been about 6 months??????????? It is crazy!!!!!!!!!! It feels like time is flying past for me!! 

I love you all so very much! I am having a great time here and I am excited for the work that we have to do here! :) I miss you guys a ton but I know that the work that I am doing here is just the beginning! :) 

I have learned so much here and received so many answers for questions that I have needed answered before! I truly feel the hand of the Lord in my life everyday! 

Love, Elder Pachner

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Letters from 3/24/14 and 3/31/14

     This week was really cool!  We have found many investigators and they should all be progressing but really Satan is against our work so none of our investigators are going to church!  One was literally walking to church when she got a call from her sister that she needed to go to her house so she didn’t end up going!!!  It is frustrating especially when we are teaching the best we have ever taught!
      It was the funniest thing in the world! We were teaching this family and the 12 year old boy wasn’t understanding so Elder Schoen starting explaining it in dragon ball z form! So prophets are like freza which the god sent to the earth and Jesus is like Goku....it was the funniest thing I have heard on my mission! I started to die laughing! It was the best lesson we have ever taught! really the spirit was there with alot of force and it was amazing!
     So something I learned this week is that my testimony of the Book of Mormon is a little different!  I was talking to a less active and we were asking him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and he told us that he had already done that and that he didn’t feel like that he should if he already asked....So I thought about how I knew the gospel was true....and how really I had read the Book of Mormon 3 or 4 times before I actually new It was true because I never actually wanted to know...I didn’t have real intent like Moroni says that we need!   I just felt the spirit really strongly and I am actually very grateful for who I am!  I am happy for the different way I can testify about the Book of Mormon! I am very grateful for the spirit! Truly we feel the spirit in all that we do and I know without it we could not teach!!


This week we had some really cool experiences!  I recieved a revelation while thinking about a lesson that we had given earlier that day.  We had gone to our recent convert’s house and started a new program called 4 which enables us to get 4 references! It was pretty great but during the lesson I had be inspired to promise him that if he prayed before choosing the names to give us He would receive inspiration on which of his friends to put on the list. As I was thinking about this later I was thinking about the promise that I made him...and then I received the inspiration that really when we make promises like that we are really prophesying because we are telling what will happen in the future...true it is a conditional future but when you look in the Book of Mormon you will also see that some of the prophesies are conditional. I just always thought of the spirit of prophesy in the scriptures as something that only the prophets and men of really strong faith had but I realized in that revelation that it can be as simple as a promise made by a simple missionary. It was a very interesting experience something that I will not soon forget.

Also we had to cut one of our investigators.... he has a problem with about all the commandments and we went there and he was actually really high on cocaine.  First he tried to lie to us and say he wasn’t high but we both knew he was lying and pretty much it ended  with him saying the flesh is stronger than the spirit!  It just shows how much you limit your agency when you get involved with bad things!  But we both felt that we should cut him so we did.

     I was told that I was part of the CIA the other day!!  That was actually pretty funny!   We were looking for a less active but when we knocked on the door an old man came out.  He told us that he moved in after the lady so we decided to make a contact and talk to him about the church.  He said he was of no religion but he believed in God but not in Jesus as the son of God but as just some cool guy that did miracles.  He believed in reincarnation and that the bible was completely false even though he then used it in his argument against us...but anyways at the end of the conversation he told Elder Schoen that I was deceiving him that I was a CIA agent and that I was brain washing him.  It was very interesting.....sometimes I just don’t even understand where people get these ideas! He said that our religion was not logical so we asked for him to explain his logic....he never explained and started talking about how I was sending in reports.....but yeah it was pretty funny!
     There is one thing that you guys could do for me! I am sure that you are already doing it but please pray for our investigators, specifically that they will be able to go to church!!!!   We are having problems getting them to come there but hopefully it will happen this week!!!!
I love you all!! I am so glad that you all are safe!
Abra├žo e Beijos,

Love, Elder Pachner