Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ears, Balloon popping, and Pie

With a title like that I know I have you full and undivided attention! :)

Let’s start with the ears.  Well this week I went to the otorrinolaringologista. Try saying that five times fast!!! It actually means...ear doctor....yeah I don’t think we have a super fancy word for them in English but maybe I just forgot :P   I went there because I haven’t been able to hear very well out of my ear for a little while. We went and it turns out that I had an ear infection. Now I am on antibiotics, but with this next week all should return to normal :)

I got my hair cut :) I will be talking to Chase today so I didn’t include a picture.  Now I even look like a Brazilian :) Even if it is just for the fact that it is like 55 degrees outside and I am all bundled up with a scarf, jacket, and gloves.  I am so going to die in the snow of Utah!!!

Balloon popping!!! We had a really cool ward activity that the ward mission leader and we put on. We started off the activity talking/singing because I have been given much and then we went and started a little dynamic learning by making a circle.   We gave one of the other missionaries a tennis ball and what you had to do is throw the tennis ball to the assigned person.  Then that person would throw it to their assigned partner and so on until it got back to the first person.  As people got better at catching and then throwing it to their assigned partners we started adding tennis balls into the circle and then it got difficult. What we wanted them to see was you have to focus on receiving and then passing along what you received, while never taking your eyes off the ball.  If you got distracted you would drop the ball. Then we talked about the work as missionaries. I shared the story that mom sent to me in an email about how our great grandparents received lessons from the missionaries while in Oklahoma and then I told them that is why I was there. Because a member decided to open his mouth and share what the missionaries had one time shared with someone in his family. It was cool because we talked about how it doesn’t matter if you are a recent convert or were born into a sealed family, at some point in time someone decided to share with your family what made them happy and so extremely blessed. So we made a challenge. We told them that we were going to mark with them and then go to their houses with plates of brownies and eat with them and then take some to their neighbors so that we can help the other people who so desperately need the gospel in their lives :) It was a success :) we have 3 companionships in the ward and so we got everyone marked down for a day :)

That is where we get into pie!! Yesterday was the first day doing the neighborhood visits with the members! Elder Jopia and I went to our ward mission leader’s house and we brought a pie with us :)  Then we went around and started talking with his neighbors. The first door.....I think the guy thought we were trying to sell him drugs or something like that because he said he didn’t want the pie or the Book of Mormon...but everyone else after that accepted us and now we have a couple new families to visit :) That is going to be really cool because we need to teach families!!! I mean everyone needs the gospel but there is nothing as cool as seeing a whole family baptized and know that in a year they will be able to be sealed together for time and all eternity!

We also had a cool experience while tracting this week. We were trying to visit some of our investigators and everyone was not at as the backup plan we had chosen to stay on the same street and do some contacts. We were going without much success until we reached this old wooden house.  We clapped 3 times before a women opened the door and so we started talking to her about the who we were and about why we were there.  She said she had already seen the missionaries before and then she said that we had come at just the right time and so we told her where the church was and invited her to come.   She told us she would go and then said that she was passing though some rough times and that it seemed as though when she was talking to us she felt a feeling of peace!  It was awesome and both Jopia and I bore our testimonies about how much God wanted to help her and that was why we were there. I love these types of experiences because you can really see Gods hand in the work. I know that God does truly prepare people for us to teach, because he loves them and wants them to come unto him and be healed. I know this gospel is true and I know that Christ lives, this is his church!!

Elder Pachner II

(Remember Chase,  dad is the first, I am the second, and you will be the third.  The first was awesome, the second was more or less and the third will be the best...until the fourth comes ;P 

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