Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Week


This week we have been running around a lot!!! In the office everything is going good. This was the last week of the transfer so it was super hectic here in the office. It is super strange because we did a bunch of stuff but I cant remember all the things that we did :P 

Officially everyone in the house is addicted to playing ninja.  I don’t really remember how it started but everyone plays so that we can go and play ninja as a huge group. Well now in the apartment we have 7 elders. It started with 5 at the beginning of the transfer but because two missionaries had to go home we have picked up the other two. They are cool and it actually makes everything a lot easier to clean because there are a lot more people to do the work. This week was Elder Hardman´s last week here in Brazil! Elder Jopia and I will be taking him to the airport on Tuesday!  Yup, I get to take all the Americans to the airport every transfer :P

Well this week something funny happened. I had to call the USA because of some boxes left by a missionary here in Brazil. I had to talk with the missionary’s mom in English.  The conversation started off all wrong because I said, oí boa tarde, tudo bem? and his mom was like “what??” and then I realized I was talking in Portuguese. Then I tried to explain to her about the postal service here in Brazil and everything. In the end we understood each other but I realized that my English is super, super bad and that I will probably end up talking to you guys in sign language on mother´s day ;P I cannot believe that we are already at the end of April!! The time seems to be flying

I love you guys!! Thank you for all the emails that you guys send me :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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