Sunday, July 6, 2014



    This week I had some really cool experiences! On Tuesday we were going up to work in a different neighborhood and we were passing by the port, when some random guy walked up to us and asked me if I could speak English. I told him that I could and then he asked me to help him buy a service chip for his cell phone. He told me that he couldn’t speak any Portuguese that he was actually from one of the cargo ships and was only in Brazil for one day. So we went to the first shop and they said that the service company was down and that there was another shop pretty far way that we could try. I was thinking and I almost gave up on the guy but I decided to continue trying to help him so we went to the other shop! We tried everything we could think of and finally after about 3 hours of translating we finally got it figured out! It was actually pretty funny! Because I would sit there and talk to the lady helping us in Portuguese and then she would respond and ask me to ask the man a question and I would look at the guy and start speaking to him....until my companion would hit me and tell me that I was talking to him in Portuguese!!!! I figure I must just be going crazy now ;P  But anyways we finally got it all worked out and he wanted to go buy us a beer so I told him we were Mormons and he was like what and I was like Mormon and he was like what and I was like we don’t drink and he what like what????  So we just went out and drank some coke and then he went back to his ship. It was pretty cool because latter I was talking about it with Elder William and I said that it would be cool when he gets back home (Montenegro, Europe) he will see missionaries there and will think about us here in Brazil and then he will go and talk to them.  As I said that I felt the spirit testify to me that it was true and that really is what was going to happen. It was a cool experience to be part of a man’s conversion process just helping him with a cell phone :P  It just goes to show you never know when the Lord will throw someone in your way to have them get to know the gospel through you.

     Um I was attacked by a dog...But I beat it away with my umbrella! I was up at the fence clapping (that is how we knock doors here) and the dog popped out of nowhere and jumped at me and so I hit him with the umbrella and then his owner came out and grabbed him.
    Brazil beat Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I yelled myself horse but it was still an okay thing :)

I love you all and hope that you are all doing alright :)

Love, Elder Pachner

6/9-6/23 letters

This week has been a little boring!!! I had to stay in the house with Elder William for 5 days!!!!!! I kind of died a little bit!!! It was super boring but then I went on divisions with the other elders at night so that was okay ;) My companion is doing a whole lot better now! If I had pneumonia I would tell you guys about 2 months after it happened. But yeah the hospitals here suck. Like a lot! But us missionaries have like the bomb insurance and plan! We always get attended really fast because it is like really good! We have the executive plan! I know we are tooo cool!!! :P

I loved all the videos and pictures!!! It looks like you guys had so much fun!!!! I am jealous that everyone can do 360s and I can’t do any of that! I am going to come home and look like a total fail when I get back on the wake board! But that’s okay I will try my best :P

I just want to say thank you mom for what you wrote. This week I started to feel kind of bad because I am not really baptizing and I am promised that I will have success on the mission and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong but your email helped me feel a lot better!!! I know that baptisms don’t actually mean success but still it is like the cherry on the cake if you baptize. But yeah thank you mom for what you said. it was the answer to my prayers :)

 It has been crazy with the cup of the world!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo mad when Portugal made that last minute goal against us!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I was not happy!!!!! We were watching with a member who is in a wheel chair so he doesn’t really get to go to church much but we were watching when the states made the first goal and we all like exploded and his mom came to the room all mad and she was like I am trying to sleep :P it was actually really funny :P I have become a soccer fan now :P I Don’t understand it all but I am trying :)

I love you all and I hope that everything is going good with you guys :)
Love, Elder Pachner

Everything is going great here! I am having a great time! President Fernandes let us watch the world cup!!!! It is pretty awesome! We can only watch games of Brazil! But still it is super fun! I just hope Brazil wins because is Germany wins I am dead ;P Just kidding! Um special precautions??? About what? I am pretty safe here. I actually don’t think there is a safer person in the city. The name of the town is Navegantes. We live on the road francisico romão 133 Barrio São Pedro. 
I keep trying to write in Portuguese!!!! It is kind of frustrating!!!! I don’t actually want you guys to have to translate everything ;P

Hahahaha winter.....I am in a short sleeved shirt right now! But yeah I have everything I need....I think. It was super fun this week we had our last conference with President!!! I am actually going to miss him! He is super cool! I really hope that his new president will be cool (in other words a bro)

I love you all! I love all your different things that you email me about :) keep on sending them! :)
I think it is ironic that dads new shirt has a anchor on it ;P
Love, Elder Pachner

This week was really crazy! I was pretty stressed out but I am all better now! I was stressed because the other elders in our district had a baptism but the baptismal font wasn’t working!!! Well the heater wasn’t working and the investigators said they wouldn’t get baptized in water super cold...Not that I blame them! It was seriously ice water! But yeah so I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off!!!! but in the end it all went well and the family of four got baptized.
We have two investigators who are reading the Book of Mormon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY I am super happy for that! I hope that they will continue reading!!!

Another is this week God has answered my prayers. I asked him that I could be given more opportunities to give blessings so that I could get better at it. I was able to give various but the one that stuck with me is the one where the man didn’t actually ask. He was telling me about his problems and I felt the impression to ask him if he wanted a blessing...he told me that he was already thinking about it. I gave him the blessing. In the blessing I told him that if he would read the scriptures with his son his son would join the church. Truly I felt the spirit guiding me and helping me say the right things to this man...the things that God wanted to tell him. It was a very sweet experience because I was able to tell him that God loves him and has never left him.

Ohhhh I gave my first baptism interviews this week :P That was fun...not!!! I was super nervous and they ended up being super long. It was interesting to teach all the 4 people and it was a good experience in the end, especially when I saw them get baptized!

I love you all and I hope that you guys are doing well! :) I know that Christ lives! He loves each and every one of us! We are special to him and he has already done and will do even more to help us come unto him. I love my Savior and I just want to let you know that I love you all too!
In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love, Elder Pachner