Saturday, June 27, 2015

my steller week :)


Well this week was stellar :) I probably spelled the word wrong but I think I said it right so that is all that counts ;P
This week has been really good! It was not a too terribly stressful week and I only had to call president one time to tell him about something that I had done wrong with the transfer :P...We are going to be receiving a bunch of visa waiters this week 4 of them and then in another 3 weeks 2 more. I was planning on these 4 missionaries getting here on June 16 but it turns out that they are going to get here on 2nd of June....yeah but pres was cool and he didn’t get super frustrated with me.  Now this next week is going to be super crazy because I have to take them all to the Federal Police to register them! That will be interesting ;P
This week we were teaching the children again and they said something really funny!  We were talking about the restoration and about the life of Jesus Christ!  We asked them what Jesus did when he was here on the earth and the older one, she has 10 years old,  said “he saved us from sin and death”.  We were like, wow that is correct very good and my companion asked and what would have happened if he didn’t come. She said....we would be slaves of the devil! I was super impressed and it was super funny but it just goes to show how simple the gospel is and how simple the Book of Mormon is so that even the children can understand it :)
We started teaching a referral for a member this week. This woman´s story is really sad. Both her parents and her daughter recently died so we went there to teach about the plan of salvation. However when we went there the first time we discovered that she is an espiritista....she believes in reincarnation and in calling spirits from the dead and stuff like that. So that kind of was difficult to teach the plan of salvation. So this next time we taught about the restoration! It was great! She said she goes to a bunch of different churches but doesn’t really want to choose any one of them because they all lead to God.......but we taught and at the end she was like so I am like Joseph Smith trying to figure out which church is correct?  We were like yes!!!  She promised to come to church this week and read the Book of Mormon!!! Success! Well it is not our success but the spirit’s because if it weren’t for the spirit we would be toast! I really like talking about the restoration and the apostasy because I always feel the spirit really strong :)
Well, other than that I tried to fix a sink of our reminded me of home because I was the flash light holder for a couple minutes. Then I gave it my shot but there was nothing that we could do without tools! It was funny because I looked at his son Dylan (he is 2) and I said this will be your job in a couple years ;P

That was my week :) I love you and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. That Christ restored his church though the prophet  Joseph Smith and that as we read the Book of Mormon we can come to have that sure testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and that Christ lives and speaks to us still.

Love, Elder Pachner

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