Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The miracles continue!!!!


You guys must really be praying a bunch for us because we are being very blessed here!! This week has been an amazing week :) Honestly I am very glad that my last weeks on the mission could be ended like this :) I am very grateful for all of you who are praying for our success because it is truly being seen in our daily lives here. Where about 3 months before we had about no investigators we have now improved drastically. 

This week one of the coolest things happened on Thursday. We hunting down the less actives on the ward list in some of the humbler neighborhoods (and by humble I mean ghetto). Some of those places where I just look at my companions and we say to each other....if my mom could see me now....I think she would die ;P hahahahaha (just kidding mom it wasn’t that bad! the worst thing was that they hadn’t cut their grass in a long time ;) ) well we were walking and we found the number where the family should have lived but then a little girl came out of the house and told us that the family actually lived in the side alley.  Then she pointed to this guy talking on the phone walking up the alley and said that he was one of the people that we were trying to find.  We started to follow him but we didn’t want to seem creepy our anything...so finally he looked back at us and asked us who we were and what we wanted. We told him that we were missionaries and that we were searching for a couple people and actually the people that we were searching for turned out to be his parents! He said he had been baptized in the church about 15 years ago. So we went to his house and talked to him and his family. They were pretty nice and then Elder Betts asked if there was anyone that they knew who was looking for the gospel and they indicated their neighbors who lived two doors down. They were like; “there is no door to the corridor that leads to their house so just walk in and then call them”. So that is what we did. We walked up and just walked right in and I clapped...and there were these two dogs that started barking a lot and I just kept waiting and then this guy walked out of the house. He yelled at the dogs!  Then he looked at us and asked us what we wanted....by this point I was a little startled so I was like...we are the missionaries and your friend said you could use a visit our something like that and we just were passing by....and then he was like ummm OK you can come in if you want and so we went in and we went into the main room but the light was burned out so we three sat down on the couch in the dark and the guy said “so I am going to go call the whole family just wait here”....and so we waited and waited for like 4 min and then I looked over at the others and I did my best to break the tension and said "It’s a trap!! Like Starwars when they come out of warp speed “;P kkkkk but then everyone came and it turns out that there were 15 people living in that house!!! We are now teaching two different families in that house! They were extremely interested in the Book of Mormon and told us that it would change their lives to know if the church of God was here on the earth! We are going to visit them again on Monday!!!! Super excited :) so in the end everything turned out okay :)

This week has been awesome! We have a man who is preparing to be baptized and he is coming to the party the ward is having tonight! :) Festa!!! It should be really fun!!!!!

I will tell you all about the rest of my week when I get there in 10 days :P

I know that the church is true! I feel the spirit testify to my soul as we teach about it and as I do my best to live it. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God, call to lead the only living and true church on the face of the earth. 

Love, Elder Pachner II

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Modern Prophets


 Well this week has truly been blessed :) I am really feeling all the prayers that you guys are saying in my behalf and in behalf of all those who are in the office. We have had an amazing week this week :) This past Sunday we said goodbye to one of our investigators because she was moving back to Ecuador. She actually asked to be baptized the Saturday before she went but because of the complications with sending the papers in between countries President decided that it would be better to wait until she got to Ecuador. She is such an amazing person and she really showed me how to be strong in face of really difficult situations.

This week we have been blessed to find 5 new investigators!! That is how we are seeing your prayers bless the office! We are working really hard to prepare these new people to be baptized soon :) President gave us a new tactic, he told us that we needed to keep our lessons to like 20 min and then leave so that we could come back to visit the people in two days and they wouldn’t think it was too time consuming. It was actually a really inspired counsel because it is working :) We are teaching a man who is literally someone who is searching for the truth but didn’t know where to find it. He was talking to us about how he was going to a bunch of different churches to find the truth and one day he found the missionaries in ItajaĆ­.  Then he moved and came to our ward. We started teaching him and he is already reading the Book of Mormon. He makes very intelligent questions which is great!  “How can I know if someone is a prophet or not?  Is a pastor in this church an apostle or just an inspired man?” GOLD for the missionaries :) :)   Seriously!   I love teaching people like that with all those questions!! He is super cool and he has accepted the invite to be baptized!!! He has already been to church once and we are going to pass by his house this Sunday to walk with him to church! 
The other people we are working with are equally awesome! They are truly a blessing directly linked to all your prayers for us.

This week I felt the spirit as I studied! I read my new favorite talk by Elder Eyring called Going Home....and no it isn’t about trunkiness :P It is about finding our way home to Heavenly Father. It was amazing. I felt the spirit so strongly as I read it.  Then I got to read a talk by President Ezra Taft Benson about President Kimball’s vision of missionary work! It just all clicked when I read that talk! I realized what I had to do, how I could become a better missionary even in this last month that I have here! I know that this church is true! I know that the spirit speaks with us and helps us to know the truth of all things!

Love Elder Pachner II

The sisters bought us wigs!!!