Saturday, June 27, 2015

Frisbee and Grandchildren


Well this week has been really good actually :) It started off a little strange but now everything is back on track! 
The coolest thing that has happened is that my grandson is serving with us here in the office (that’s right mom and dad, I had grandchildren before you guys did ;P)
Elder Muniz! He is from Espirito Santo (holy ghost) (I love the name of the states here when you translate them. The river of January {rio de janeiro}, thick weeds {mato grosso}, big river of the north {rio grande do norte}, big river of the south {Rio grande do sul}.
But the best thing is that he is really funny! He had to come here because his companion was going home early and he couldn’t stay where he was so we took him in. But at first he was all sad and discouraged but after a couple days he was back up and happy :) It was cool to watch that happen and to be with him now :)
Well this week we marked one of our investigators for baptism :) :) She is marked for the 25 of April!! Pray for her so that she can be ready for this day :) During the lesson Elder Muniz and I were talking to her and Elder Muniz asked her “What do you want from God?” and she was like “I want peace and to resolve all the problems I´m having.” and then he asked her ´´and what do you think God wants from you?´´ and she was like ´´I don’t know......keep the commandments?´´ and then we used Mosiah 2:41 to tell her about how that is exactly how God works and then we turned to 3 Nephi 27:20 hahahha it was super perfect and the spirit was really strong :)  It was a great experience and she accepted the invite that Elder Muniz made :)
I love the scriptures!! They have the answer to everything!!!!!!!!!

I know this church is true. I know that God loves all of us. This is why He sent His son and why His son lives again, so that we can be together FOREVER!

Love, Elder Pachner

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