Tuesday, April 21, 2015

smiles, sheep and excel sheets

smiles, sheep, and excel sheets

I think that is like the definition of our week this week :P 
We have been having a bunch of fun there in the office this week. It has been a bunch of running around and solving a bunch of problems. We had to authenticate a bunch of documents for São Paulo and send it to them. But everything turned okay. 
Now we are making an excel sheet to help out all the people that are learning English here.
About the sheep....so yesterday I was taking care of some elders that were here for interviews with President. So one of the elders was sleeping in our room and I had just got in there to go to sleep and he said something to me....and it didn’t make any sense. And he repeated it like 3 times and I was like ummmmm that isn’t even close to any word that I know in Portuguese. Then I got up and left to brush my teeth and when I got back he was just sitting in bed laughing!  I asked him what was up and he said that when I had kneeled down to pray I had looked exactly like a sheep during his sleep.....it was super strange but really funny at the same time :P 
About the smiles...well we had the baptism of our two investigators this week! That was pretty awesome :) Nothing beats a general conference where in the break between sessions you get to see two baptisms :) 
I had a bunch of favorite talks during the conference but that ones that I most liked were: a cookie and a kiss, President Uchtdorfs about grace, and the sister from the relief society presidency who gave the questions and then said if you are feeling guilty you should repent. It was a really good talk and I really like it when people are honest and frank.
The other day I had an experience with that. We were teaching this one woman who said that she believed the Book of Mormon to be true.  We said awesome, but how do you know and she said...why would I doubt it if you guys told me. Why would you lie to me? Then we told her that she needed to pray and a bunch of stuff and then we explained about what you know if you believe that the Book of Mormon is true. I used 1 Nephi 14:10 to explain that there is no other church other than the church if you know the Book of Mormon is true....she seemed a little taken a back  but still in the end she promised to go to church this Sunday and learn a little bit more and really understand it :) 

I love you guys so much and I hope that everything went really well!! I am sorry about the wisdom teeth....now you guys need to study the scriptures a lot more.

Send me Jesse´s email address!!!

And good luck chase!!1 :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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