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 Dec 1, 2014
 Deus Forte!!
SO this week was a good week! Well on the part of the spiritual nourishment because on the part of us being in our area that really didn’t happen too much this week. We had a good p-day and then on Wednesday we went to Itajaí a bus ride of over 8 hours!!!!! ! That was kind of stressful at first because I had to make sure that all the bus times fit and I had to get everyone all together. But in the end all went well.  When we got on the bus my son was there!!!!! Elder William!!! and he had a son too!!! I am a grandfather ;) The only problem is that his son is bigger than both of us!!!
Then we got to Itajaí and had a conference with Elder Costa. He is the area president of Brazil! Which was super cool! It was actually really cool to talk to him. He had a bunch of really funny stories and It was really inspiring to hear him speak. He talked about how we believe in the strong Christ, the Christ that after being brutally treated by the Romans carried his cross of about 100 kilos halfway to Calvary.  I felt a lot better after it :)
Then we got back to our area on Friday morning!!! at like 1 in the morning and then we had to go to Joaçaba that afternoon.
One of the days me and my companion were walking on the street and it was super hot and I was sweating a lot and he looked at me and then asked.....Elder Are you Sweating??? I looked at him and I said....No Elder I am not sweating, my body is just crying because of all the mountains that we climb!! hahahahaha it was really funny!
And then the other day I was asked to give a talk to the branch and so I asked the president what the topic would be and he told me missionary work and I was like alright!!! I can talk about that one ;P I gave examples from the scriptures where the first time the prophets or apostles went to a city they had no success and then they would return with people from the city to help them and they would have a bunch of success :) I talked about Abenadi and Alma; Alma the younger and Amulek; and Ammon and the king. It was really fun!! I burned a little bit but in a good way! In the end I told them that We needed them! That only through working together could we finally turn this branch into a ward!!
I got my other Christmas box!! Can I open it?????????? PLEASE?!??!?!??!
That is about what I have to say this week :P I cannot wait to skype with you guys!! Make a list of questions that you want to talk about so that I can remember things!! Because in the moment it is really hard to remember!
 I love you all!!

 Love, Elder Pachner

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