Monday, December 1, 2014



Well I had my very first zone meeting this week!!! :) That was really interesting :) It was pretty fun because we had a breakfast there because the sisters had to all sleep in one house. We did as well but the sisters wanted food in the morning so we made breakfast sandwiches. Then we had all the different topics that we had to talk about. What was fun was the training about three different types of questions, Informative, rational, and application. President taught us about how we need to use the combination of the three to make sure that our investigators truly understand and like having us come to their house. He is trying to teach us how to teach like the Savior and I am really liking the new(old) methods ;p I am really trying to put it into practice :) We have two different investigators that are going to be baptized in December!! It should be really cool!! I am actually really excited for it :)

This week was really crazy and this next week will be even crazier! We are getting the visit of Elder Costa. He is the area president of Brazil! That is going to be pretty cool! But I might have an interview with him so that is pretty scary but cool at the same time!!!

Ummm other experiences cool....This week I had 10 elders in my house......that was like the craziest thing in the world!!! It was just a mess, but in the end no one that turned out okay!!!


Elder Pachner

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