Sunday, January 25, 2015


MY WEEK!!!!!


Well this week was pretty fun! We bought pizza! Which is always good! (brazil makes way better pizza than we have in the states!) It is rather sad to think that I won’t be able to eat bania when I get back! 
It is really hard for me when I put a word in Portuguese in the email because my brain switches and I start thinking in Portuguese!
My Portuguese is going better already! I am asking all the people that I meet how I can improve.
Ummm one really cool thing is that we were teaching our former atheist this week about the plan of salvation and she started asking cool questions like what is it like in the Telestial world and do we believe in life on other planets....we just told her you ask God if these things are true first, and after you get baptized we can explain more ;P but then she said something really awesome.
She said ´´You know when I started this I was doing it for my mom...but now I want to know for myself if these things are true.``   I know that the Book of Mormon has so much power! It teaches us more about Christ and broadens the most hard of hearts!
Another cool experience this week happened when Elder Mirnand and I were walking and I looked at this woman and I thought I recognized her but we passed and then I was like Elder didn’t we talk to her before and he was like I don’t think so. So we stopped by the street sign to see where we should go next and I recognized the name of the street and I looked in my planner and we had written down her name and address so we returned and the lady was like my name isn’t Sandra she lives in the upper apartment.  She called her and she invited us in and we started talking to her. 
She started asking about who we were why we were there and a bunch of stuff and she was really impressed by the fact that all that missionary work is done voluntarily. We told her that we leave 5 messages with people and then they decide what they want to do. She said well I move around a lot so it is better to not even start...and I was thinking and received the impression to at least leave her with the Book of Mormon.  We started teaching and she was really interested! We ended up teaching about Joseph Smith as well.  It was a great lesson :) I felt the spirit really strongly and afterwards I told Elder Miranda that she would be baptized. I don’t know when or where but I just felt the spirit testify to me that she really will be! It is  really cool to have the spirit with you all the time on the mission :)
I love you all,

Elder Pachner

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