Sunday, January 25, 2015


 How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel.

I think Isaiah was trying to be funny! : )

Fleliz Chritsemburg
I Figured that was the best way that I could write merry Christmas in ´´German ;)´´ I think that was one of the weirdest things that has ever happened.   ((Kade told us a story when we talked on Christmas day about meeting 9 people who had been drinking a bit.  He told them he was from a certain place in Barzil where a lot of German people live because he doesn't like to tell people he is from the USA.  Before leaving one of the guys told him his friend told him how to say Merry Christmas in German but he forgot and asked Kade what it was.  Kade made up the word Chritsemburg, and the guy goes "Yeah that's it!!"  Kade said they left quickly after that.))
My week went well!! We worked really hard. Most of the people her leave the city during Christmas and New Year so it is kind of hard because right now it is summer break so everyone goes out to Floripa and then the city like empties because everyone gets like one month of holidays...yup even the adults at is strange.
Well we were able to stay out until one in the morning on Christmas Eve! That was fun! We went to this member’s house. It is a tradition here Brazil to eat a huge dinner at midnight and to exchange presents! It was super fun and we played some Uno! Unfortunately I lost....but it was all still fun! ummm well I talked to you guys on Christmas day! That is pretty much the high light of this week! It was super fun to see you guys. There is no better Christmas present than seeing your family after 6 months.....except maybe an Aston Martin DB9 (fast car)....I would have to think about that one ;P
Funny thing was we were going to apartment buildings and pushing all the buttons and trying to talk to people and this one lady what like for the love of....and I thought to myself.....well that is what we are talking about Gods love for us ;P hahahaha but i decided that it probably wouldn’t have been the best thing to joke around with her so I just left it at that ;P
I just want to say that I love you guys and I am so very happy to see you all!! 

Love, Elder Pachner!!

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