Sunday, January 25, 2015



This week was good! We had leadership meeting in floripa! It was really fun :) We were taught about planning with the area book! It was actually a really good training. We actually got back to our area Wednesday at about 6 in the morning after travelling for about 7 hours on a bus ;P but it was okay! 
The most important coolest thing that happened this week was a lesson that we taught yesterday! So we were knocking doors and at this one a teenager opened the door and we talked to him and he said that he would accept our message.  We were like awesome. We went in the house and we started talking to him and he was really cool.  Then as we were talking he started talking something about Muslims in France or something like that and then asked why would God want that stuff to happen.  And so we you believe in God...and he was like no, and then we asked so why don’t you believe in him. He was like if God exists why wouldn’t he make the world perfect?  I thought for a second and then I started to explain about agency, and how this is Gods way to show love for us. Then I asked him have your parents ever forced you to do anything?  He was like, yes and I said...did you like it? No.   I said in the same way that you didn’t like it when your parents forced you to do something you would never like it if God forced you to do something. It was a good lesson and I felt the spirit as I taught :)
This week was really rushed but we were still able to teach a different lesson that was really good! We were talking to one of our investigators and we decided to just answer his questions and then we showed him a video of Elder Holland bearing his testimony about the Book of Mormon! It is an amazing video and I feel the spirit super strong when I hear it!  Then we bore our testimonies and left! It is a good way to leave the investigator thinking about the lesson! 
I love you all and I know this is only two stories from a whole week but I forgot to write everything down in my planner to remind myself what to write about!
I love you all! I know that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is also true!
Love, Elder Pachner

P.S. I forgot but I was asked to give a talk for 10 min but the speaker before gave a talk for about 2 min. so as I walked up the president of the branch looked at me and said 20 min!! hahahahahaha I was like holy cow!! But in the end I ended with 17 min so it all turned out okay ;P

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