Sunday, January 25, 2015


That’s not a Bible
So this week I will start off with a funny story ;P  The other day we were visiting this family and we were talking and they told us that they were going to move to Paraná. (a different state) We just talked to them for a little and then we helped them with some questions. The mom told the daughter to go grab the bible before we taught and when I saw the bible I realized that it was a Jehovahs Witness bible....and I thought....I can’t let them go to Paraná with this bible and be converted by the JWs!!!!! So I was like actually that isn’t a bible. They were like what do you mean and I was like look at the book. It doesn't say the word bible on any part. They were like, are you sure, and I was like, yes I am sure.  I took it and I found a verse that was really weird.....I will was in the Songs of Solomon… and I asked the dad to read it...and he was like....Holy Cow! I cannot believe I let this in my house please throw it away and we were like we can throw it away for you guys and so now we have started a collection of the bibles in the house ;P ahhahahahahahaha it was really funny.  We did teach them something at the same time. We read Isaiah 24:5 which talks about how the apostasy would happen because the people changed the statues of God and broke the covenant.  We explained about the 5th Article of Faith how we need to look for the best translation and then I showed them the where they could buy a bible for $10 because normally here in Brazil they cost like $100!!!
Ummm other things that happened this week! I got to teach a really cool lesson! Sometimes as a missionary you have a tendency to use the same scriptures over and over again and the other day I felt like breaking that. I started studying different scriptures and there was one in Acts 21:3-5 which talks about Moses talking about Joseph Smith so as we were teaching I used that scripture before I started talking about Joseph Smith. I felt the spirit really strongly while I was teaching and I could see in eyes of our investigator that he could feel it as well. He started to smile and then I bore my testimony and then my comp bore his and we asked him how he was feeling and he said....Like I have more wisdom!  I was like, perfect that is the spirit testifying that these things are true! Remember how you are feeling right now so that when you read and pray about the Book of Mormon you can recognize the spirit :)

It was a really good lesson and I felt just happy afterwards! That picture of the baptism was a guy that I had taught in Videira II. He was baptized by his friend who we baptized 3 weeks earlier :) It was just a really cool experience to see them both so happy and being able to share the experience of conversion together.
I am so very happy here :) the Mission is a blast! Right now I am in Floripa for the leadership conference so I should have some good stories for next week!

I love you guys so much! I know that this church is true! I know that truly Christ lives! He was resurrected on the third day and at the same time gave hope for all mankind that by Him and through Him we may be saved! 

I send all my love, Elder Pachner 

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