Sunday, January 25, 2015


 Hahahaha I saw some guy on the street with and accordion and I had a funny thought....True hipsters play the accordion!! hahaha I thought it was really funny!!
So this week was a good week!! This week a miracle truly happened here! So this zone....last week it was stinking it up! It died a turned rancid. Like really bad! We taught only 69 lessons.....for 16 missionaries!!!! Horrible!! but this week what happened was  I was talking to the assistants about it and one of them gave me the suggestion of a zone fast.  So we did. But I was searching for a purpose to our fast and as I opened up by Book of Mormon I was in Alma 17 which talks about how all the missionaries were discouraged and how they needed help so they fasted and prayed!  I took their fast purpose.  I them called the district leaders and told them and they were all really impressed with the idea so we did. We doubled most of the numbers this week. We taught 160 lessons which was way bigger than what happened last week and this week should be even better.

 I had two divisions (splits) with Elder Miranda and Elder Martins! It was really fun! They are really cool people. Elder Miranda is from Bolivia and Elder Martins is from São Paulo. It was fun to have the divisions with them!! I would send you pictures but the memory card keeps saying I need to format it........yeah I lose all 800 pictures that I have......I am hoping I can get it to Elder Batista because he knows how to get around that... but yeah not too happy about that.
Also we had a baptism this week :)  One for our companionship and one for Elder Martins and Elder Hilario. It was really cool! the only sad thing was that one investigator was also marked and everything was ready but he just didn’t show up....we talked to him afterwards and he said that he just got depressed about it and didn’t have the courage to was sad but we are going to try again in two weeks.
This week I have a funny story so we got to church.....first let me explain how we get to church....we have to walk up a mountain and then a huge stair case! It is really not fun! But okay so we got to church and one who had just been baptized showed up and we were like where is (the investigator that didn’t show up)  and he was like he was sleeping and said that he didn’t want to come because he felt ashamed to show up in church after skipping out on the baptism. So we told the branch president we were leaving and we left, walked over 20 min to his house and then we woke him up and took him to church with was funny because everyone looked at us like we were crazy.  I really didn’t care I was bringing investigatores to church and for me that was enough :) 
This week we are going to have Christmas conference so I think I should be able to open up my Christmas presents and I will also find out what day I can talk to you guys on skype!!! :) I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Pachner

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