Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3/9/15 585

Maybe you are wondering what 585 means....it is how many miles we traveled by bus this week!
We went to Floripa for the leadership counsel and then we went to Joaçaba to do the zone meeting!! It was super long!!! At the leadership conference we had to do a practice...they got a white board and wrote 1 Timothy 4:11-16 on the two sides and then they called Sister Gregory and I to come up in the front and study it. That was super nerve racking, but in the end everything turned out fine and I didn’t feel bad when I had to explain it in front of the counsel. :) President actually complimented me :)

hahaha it was funny the other day we got home late...9:33 and so we had to call president....it was just funny because It reminded me of a conversation with dad :P ahahahahah president was like “Elders I always say don’t get home late and then you get home late. What do you want me to do?” :P It is just the tone of voice reminded me a lot of dad.  Seeing as I have practice of just recognizing you are wrong and try to minimize the damage everything was okay :p I added a little joke in at the end and he just laughed and we said good night :)
Well this is the last week of the transfer :) the charity thing isn’t working so far but I still have hope ;) If it doesn’t work in this next week I will know that I tried my best to do everything :) 

Love, Elder Pachner

Foot long pizza!

 I am on top of the World!

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