Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3/2/15 Charity Never Faileth

Charity Never Faileth
Well I think that everyone knows more or less the situation. I had to call Pres. about what has been going on. That was not fun...as of this week the other elders have not talked to me. But the other day I understood something...we were teaching about charity and as we were teaching it really hit me that this is what I needed to do to help the situation. I tried talking, didn’t work, I tried using higher authority, ...worked ish, so I decided that if charity NEVER faileth I might as well give it a try! I was studying about it and I saw in PMG it says charity like faith leads to action. That was something I had never thought of before. I had been praying to have charity but less frequently I was acting upon it. If you look in the GEE (I think it is the topical guide in English) charity and in see also it says, ´´love, service´´ that was the answer!! Service! So I have decided to put charity to the test. I am doing one act of service for everyone that is in the house per day! I sure hope that it works! :)
We learned some new ways to study the scriptures the other day. Pres. said that we need to read the same scripture group 3 times...the first time read quickly to understand the context and what the prophet thought most important for the people to know. 2nd then we study each verse more calmly searching for key words and the verbs. Then 3rd find the things you have missed. 
It is like eating when we are hungry. The first read is like looking at the food. That gives you a good idea of what it will probably taste like but it doesn’t stop you hunger. The second read is like when we are eating the food and it fills us and we just don’t feel like there is room from anything more....and then comes desert ;P (3rd read) there is always room for desert!
But that was my week!! I am doing good! I am just trying to do what is right and be the best missionary I can be :)
I know that the greatest commandment was put God in front of EVERYTHING like In front of our fears, ambitions, appetites, and desires. The second is similar; love your neighbor like you love yourself (charity) that is the true test. I know that we need to have these commandments in the right order if we are to do things the Lords way. I love the Lord and I have come to love my Savior even more these past couple of week. I know that everything happens according to the Lords will and that if we do our very best we have the promise that he will be with us during all of our trials.

Love, Elder Pachner

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