Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2/9/15 My Week

Well everyone is asking about the atheist investigator.... we have a date marked for her to be baptized!!!!! 28 of Feb.! And this week she is going to EFY!   That should be of great help to her :)
Everything is going great this week! I am just really happy! Sunday I was super tired but for some reason I just felt really happy! I am very grateful to God for that! The most important thing is finding joy in the journey! And for me the best way to find happiness is working my heart out! I love talking to people but funny thing is that I love talking to the people on the street! It is really fun for some reason! :)
Ummmm this week we have been working really hard!! 
This week was really good!! I am trying to remember the experiences from this week but nothing is coming to mind........!!! Frustration! So this week we have been teaching a lot of different people.  We have been teaching some great investigators. One of our other investigators is also preparing to be baptized! It is pretty easy because he is a boyfriend of a member! Have I ever mentioned how much I love members!! They give amazing references! So remember to give the missionaries references!!! :) 

I Love studying!!! It is really energizing to read  every day! It is one of the things that I love the most about the mission :) 
Physically I am doing great and even better spiritually! ....only problem is mentally I have hit the point on the mission where I am literally going crazy :P This week my companion and I acted like knights on the street galloping around :P don’t ask me why....it just came to mind :P

Love, Elder Pachner

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