Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What a Week

 This week was really good! It was the last week for elder Miranda!!! I finally killed a companion!! It was funny, he didn’t want to get his bus ticket to go home! He put it off until the last day!
So this week we had interviews with President! That was really cool! We studied a talk by Elder Nelson about the atonement! I learned so much! It was really good! And then I had my interview with him. It was good because we just kind of sat back and talked to each other. I asked him about how I could be a better leader and he told me to just keep focusing of Jesus Christ and I would get better.

So this week we marked our atheist investigator to be baptized!!! It was super cool!!! She accepted and so we are trying to help her for 21/02! Hopefully all will go well, but please pray for her so that she can accept all the commandments!!!
We had a lesson with an investigator about the law of chastity this week. We were talking and they were having problems accepting. They started talking about how it was natural and elder Miranda started talking about the atonement and then I saw a scripture that was perfect for the situation! I used Mosiah 3:19! The natural man is an enemy to God! Perfect!!! But in the end we told them that they needed to pray about the Book of Mormon to really know if it was true or not! It is actually really simple! If we have a testimony of the Book of Mormon we also know that Joseph was a prophet of God and that this church is the church of God here on the earth!! 
I love you guys and cannot wait to see you when I get home!!

Love, Elder Pachner

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