Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2/23/15 Week 130

Week 130
Just kidding, I don’t really know how many weeks I have been on the mission ;P
This week was a good week. I had a cool experience about the mercy of God. I was reading in Alma 31 and studying verse 2. I was reading and thinking about the sadness that Alma felt because of seeing his brothers falling away in disobedience. I started to look at the foot notes in the bottom and I saw one that went to Moses 7:41 or something like that as I read I felt like I understood a little bit more what God feels and how sad he must feel sometimes and how much joy he also feels when we follow him. I finally understood why it says in Jacob 4:10 great mercy. It was a good study :)
Also the other day there was a baptism of a man who is truly amazing. He was a drunk and he lived in more of a cave than a house but after 8 weeks of the missionaries going there he was baptized. It is amazing to see the transformation of people and realize that I need to always have faith that all people have the potential to be baptized. 
Give referrals to the missionaries!!!!! Please!!! We love them and it is the best thing in the world to teach with us :) I promise :)
Ohhh and We had a division with the assistants this week! It was really fun!! And If elder Stakebake gets in to BYU I have already found my roommate!! He is awesome! He is from Logan Utah and super cool!!

This next week we are going back to Floripa to have another counsel! Fun times riding the bus ;P
My investigators are going good. The two that were marked for baptism fell but we are still teaching....I feel like they are Jerrys. They are really smart and that makes it a little bit harder for them to accept. What did you guys do dad to help out Jerry and what are some of the questions that he had?
The former atheist went to EFY!!! She loved it and she now has 40% that the church is true.........okay we will work on that ;P but if everything came easy it wouldn’t be so much fun ;P
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!! I know that God loves us. His mercy is infinite so that we can live with Him, it is enough to live the gospel.

Love, Elder Pachner  

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