Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Well, this week was full of adventure!! It is Carnival here in Brazil so that makes all the things way more interesting. It is not really that great because everyone travels to go to the beach cities to party it up so a lot of people aren’t home.  We were still able to talk to some people. We were talking to one of our investigators the other day. He is having problems getting over the fear of being baptized. He knows it is true but he wants more of a confirmation.  We talked about Peter and how even though he was taught by Jesus Christ himself, and he still wasn’t converted.  He was only truly converted when he received the gift of the Holy Ghost to help him. (Acts 3)  When he was converted, he baptized 3000 people. It was a very strong lesson and now his is marked for this week.  Still pray for him so that everything can be okay!
We had conference with president this week. It was really good. We watched meet the Mormons! It was a super funny movie and I really liked it! I was a little truncky when they showed Annapolis, Maryland!! I was like.....home!!!!   but then I was better again :P
While we were at the conference we had to walk a little to get to lunch. As soon as we left the chapel it started to pour rain! Then when we got to the restraint it stopped and then when we got back to on the road to the church the skies opened up again and we got soaked.  I am going to wash my suit now. 

Then we had Friday the 13!! It was the horrible! :P We went to Floripa for another conference. When we got there everything went great until we had to return home.  We missed our bus back. Then we got stuck in Floripa until 11 at night! When we went to the bus station there was a crazy man that was yelling about the bible and he started yelling os elders os elders!! So we were forced to go and talk to him......it wasn’t to fun.....and then my companion Elder Montoya took the cell phone and acted like we got a phone call so we backed away slowly. It was really a strange day but in the end everything turned out okay and we returned to our area at 6 in the morning on Saturday.
sei que essa igreja é verdadeira. sei que nosso salvador jesus cristo vive que ele restaurou a igreja por meio do Joseph Smith! E sei que essa obra é verdadeira por que sento tanto felicidade fazendo-a :)
Love you all! 

Elder Pachner

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