Tuesday, April 21, 2015

 Well this week we had some funny things that happened and some funny errors that I made so at least I know that I have not yet reached perfection ;P ahhahaa just means that I am going to have to keep working on that :P But hopefully I have about 80 years to work on that ;p
So first error....this is the worst....we live in this apartment complex here in Floripa! We live on the 12th floor and below us there is just the sidewalk and the street.   What happened....Elder Jopia and I were playing catch with a soccer ball and we were just throwing it back and forth and then I threw the ball kind of wrong....and it hit Elder Jopia in the knees.....then went out the window!!!!!!   I got really white and really scared! I didn’t even believe it! It took about 5 years for the ball to hit the ground!! I was just waiting for the sound of it hitting someone on the head or a car! I was just about crying! but (I am sure by a blessing of God) it didn’t hit anyone or anything and when went down to the street and talked to the doorman and asked sorry and told him what happened!! Now it is funny but in the moment I wanted to die!!! but now I know I am never going to play with a ball with the window open.
This is one of the best things in the world!!! Because we live on an island there is a super cool running path right next to the beach!!! The other day elder Jopia and I went running right by the ocean!! It was super cool!!  Today we all got together and played ultimate Frisbee!! It has been so long since I have played and it was 2v3 so that was difficult but it was super fun!!
People  that we teach!
Well there were two lessons that were really special this week. One we were teaching this family of less active members. We taught them about our purpose here on this earth and elder Jopia asked everyone to say the thing that they want most.  She said that she wanted to get married in the temple! We talked a little about that and then I had a different impression than I had ever had... I told them that it was a warning...to not forget what we had talked about or how they had felt. The spirit was really strong and it was just an interesting experience. This has never happened before.
The other was really cute! We are teaching these two kids who are 13 and 10 so that they can be baptized on the day of general conference!  When we got there they had gotten their school note books to take notes on what we said :) It was just super cute and it showed the value that they had for what we had to say :) I love the kids that we teach! :)
Well I think that is about it for this week. I love you all so much! I am truly grateful everyday that we are sealed as a family for all eternity :) I know that this church is true. It is the only church that offers exaltation and the only one with the authority to bind families together. When I think about heaven....heaven really wouldn’t be heaven if my family wasn’t there with me! I love you with all my heart!

Love, Elder Pachner

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