Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Well this week has been really crazy!! I am actually in São José right now which is really close to Flopria because tomorrow we are going to have the leadership counsel! I am really nervous because I don’t actually know what to expect and I don’t have anyone there in Videira to teach me what the Zone leader actually needs to do. I mean I get the basics:  write down the zone numbers, do divisions with the District leaders, do the zone meeting, lead and inspire; but I feel like there is a lot more things that I am missing.   I am hoping to talk to Pres. today or tomorrow.
Well I was pretty sad to say good bye to Navegantes but here in Videira it has been looking good! I have been drinking a lot of homemade grape juice which is really good actually!  I have been climbing up a bunch of hills!!! I took a lot of pictures these past weeks but unfortunately I do not trust the lan house here to not give my camera a virus so it is going to have to wait until next week!!
My companion is really cool! His name is Elder Mesa! He is from Argentina! He is a really humble elder and you can really tell how much he wants to be here through his prayers. It is truly an inspiring thing.
I am serving in a branch! It is actually cool because the church started not far from here! But it also means that the people are pretty hard but there is no problem with that, I am trying to butter them all up and make them laugh so that they can feel comfortable around me. Unfortunately the branch has had the frequency of 40 members for the past couple years....and the missionaries have been baptizing but the people aren’t staying in the church. If you guys have any ideas of how I could help or deal with this situation I would love it!! 
So the new people that I have met here!! Let me see one of the most fun people that I have met here was a recent convert who is 8 years old! She is really funny!! She came running around when she saw us and she showed us her cat...whose name is Dom Tom Mimi Hucela which means in English Dom Tom Mimi Spanich :P she is really funny and her mom is pretty cool as well! Both she and her mom were baptized but not her dad yet.
The other really cool family is a recent convert who is 17 years old. She is really cool and she is really trying to do everything right.  She loves to read so she is like already half way done with the Book of Mormon.
Ummm alright well now I am here in São José! I am actually here with my Trainer Elder Arine!! It is really strange to see him after so long and the first thing he said is that my Portuguese was a lot better ;P  
This town is really small......and yes six elders in one apartment is chaos!!! Well this week we spent one whole day just cleaning the apartment to give you an idea. I refused to kneel on the ground because it was sooooo dirty!!! But yes this time I have a bed :) Just not a dresser ;P and yes there are always exposed wires...this is Brazil! This area is way rural compared to where I have been working!!!  The church started here because the family (Blind or Wisse) I don’t remember came from Germany and they held the first meeting here in Ipomeia! They didn’t actually have a chapel.  The first chapel was built in Joinville which is way far way but still in Santa Caterina.  
I love you so much!!! I hope that everything is going well at home.  Know that I am here on the Lord’s errand :) I am so happy here :) I am sooo tired but it is all so very worth it :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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