Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well to answer your questions I have now been in this ward for about 6 months.....this is my fourth transfer here and remember that I got emergency transferred so I have an extra two weeks here. It is a huge ward here! We have about 200 members!!! It is actually scheduled to divide here soon. 

This week we had some amazing, funny, a little nerve wracking, and spiritual experiences. 
Amazing: well we went to this investigators house and we were planning to teach her the law of chastity and then my comp started to get sick. He just said lets teach a quick lesson on baptism and get out of here so we did and it turns out that she is ready. We set a date for the 15 of November and she was like....yeah I can prepare to get baptized! I was like what??/  How crazy is that! She just accepted without a problem :) 

Nerve wracking: well we were in the ghetto knocking some doors and we came up to this one house and this guy covered in tattoos and piercings comes out and we start talking to him and it is a really sketchy place.  We are just teaching and then out of nowhere this guys walks up behind me and says to make me jump “what’s up American” and I was like I´m gonna die :P but then nothing happened and we walked in the guys house and taught him about Jesus. We told him to pull out his bible and he asked if he needed the Old or New Testament and his friend says “Wait why is there an Old and a New Testament. Did they change something from the old to put in the new” ....yup! So that was interesting :P

Spiritual: The other day I lost the cell phone.  That wasn’t  much fun! It wasn’t in our house or in my clothes and I was kind of in despair. We had searched the whole day and the only chance was this one member whose house we had been at the night before. We asked her if it was there and she told us that it wasn’t. So that night I got on my knees and I just asked for one thing I asked to get the cell phone back! As soon as I finished the prayer the other elders phone rang and my comp picked it up he was like “Oh Hi.... you found it! Great!”   I just walked immediately back into the room and gave thanks for the immediate response to my prayer :) It is good to have these experiences sometimes!

I love you all soo very much!

Elder Pachner

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