Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well this week went well. We had some fun experiences. Well after emailing this past week I got trunky. I don’t know why it just kind of happened....So I decided to by chocolate because I was trunky and then we took a picture with my most trunky face that I could make.  :P

Well this week I got boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaoooo!!!!!!!!!! That’s what I am talking about!!! I got two boxes from you guys and then I got a box from the family of Elder William....I mean I assume it is from them because his fiancé kept writing thanking me for taking care of “my angel” hahahahaha ;P It was really funny and I am going to mess with him and call him Meu anjo ;P (my angel) but it was really super nice of them to send me a box.

I went on a division with the Zone Leaders!! He was really super cool! His name is Elder Vauterlaos or something like that. I don’t know how to spell it :P but anyways I had a great time serving with him and it was fun to see how they work! They are really cool people. Anyways it seems like I have a curse with divisions whenever I go on a division all of my appointments fall....but it still went well and I found stuff to do! 

Unseen miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well we went to the zone meeting and I was talking to Sister Gregory and she had just been transferred from Jardim das Acasias which was my last area and she told me about Julia an old investigator that we had been teaching. She told me that she is going to be baptized this next week!! She has been going to church now for just about 3 months!!!!!!!!!!  She is ready to be baptized and she said that Julia had remembered elder Schoen and I! It was really cool to hear about it! It made me feel really good because it just goes to show that not always you get to baptize the person but still your effort matters. That makes two in jardim das Acasias and who know how many others in Araranguá. And there will be people here as well once i leave :) I really love the feeling.

Um let me think about another thing that happened this week. We were teaching our investigators and my companion and them got into a little bit of a bible bash and it just started going bad. They had said that they believed the Book of Mormon to be true but still didn’t believe that the church was the ONLY church of God on the earth. So we started talking and finally we found their problem...I have no idea why but she said that we worshiped Joseph Smith and I got of got a little bit frustrated with her, but in the spirit kind of way.  I bore my testimony to her about the Savior. I told her about my love for the Savior and that I knew that the church was true. It was really cool and I felt the spirit very strongly. It was cool because the dad who usually doesn’t pay any attention to our lesson, well he was studying at the table and while I was bearing my testimony he looked up and listened to me. It was cool everyone got silent and the spirit was super strongly in the room. We promised that we would teach about Joseph Smith the next lesson and that then they would need to pray to see if he was truly a prophet or not. 

Every day I see the need to develop a testimony. Just mere faith in the church will not help you when the problems come. We need to have the foundations; we need testimonies so that we can build a house of conversion! It is so very important and it is just something that I have grown a testimony about!  I see members everyday who are struggling with various stuff and the answer is pray, have faith, and rely on your testimony to bring you through the rough patch in which you find yourself. It is something I love so much about the gospel! 

Anyways I love you all and I hope that I can write emails like this every week but it just seemed really easy to write today I am going to send pictures of my shoes ;P they are really different :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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