Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well this week was an interesting week. We had a good p-day. What we did: woke up, pumped the iron (and by that I do not mean a spoon), ate breakfast, then we studied for an hour and then had weekly planning! It was good and then we went to a buffet to eat....I was feeling really lazy that day....and then we went to the lan house to send you guys emails. It was great and then we went home and I wrote letters and then we went to a member’s house because it was Elder Nascimentos Brithday!!!!!!! That was fun! ohh and in the morning we smashed eggs and put flour all over elder Nascimento because it was his birthday :)

Then Tuesday we went over to ItajaĆ­ because we had to go get our bus tickets because my companion needed to go the dermatologist. Yeah usually we would use the ferry boat to go but our president told us not to use it so we had to get a ride from a member and we ended up losing about the whole day of work. But something cool happened as well. My companion needed to get his pants fitted so we started searching for someone who could do it...so we went to the first place and they were closed. Then we went to the second place and we knocked the door and this man told us that the seamstress (I had to ask Elder Young how to say that in English) was in the other part of the house. It was interesting because he looked familiar and then we started talking to him it turned out that he had gone to the chapel and we had been told that he was a member but it turns out that he wasn’t. We went by and we started teaching him and his wife (who is a member). It was just cool because it is an experience like Madison was talking about; there are just little things that happen and if we don’t pay attention we write them off as coincidence when really they are meant for something.

Then Thursday we went to Blumenau....it was super weird! It is the German colony here in Santa Caterina! It was funny because I felt normal! I didn’t look different than anyone else! The only difference is that I was a whole lot tanner!!  

Then Saturday we went to go teach our investigator who is marked to get baptized on the 15! We were going there planning on teaching the law of chastity but when we got there her whole family was there too and they wanted to sit in for the first time....so we changed it to the gospel of Jesus Christ! It was super cool and they really liked it! We had a member come with us and he helped a lot!!! I looked at him and I realized the difference between coming home from your mission and relaxing and coming home and still trying your hardest to keep with reading the scriptures. But he was awesome!! He speaks fluent English! He served in Chicago!!

But anyways that is about all that happened this week!! :) I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week :)

Love, Elder Pachner

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