Monday, August 25, 2014


This is week saw a good week :) We had a good week and our investigators went to the baptism of the investigator of the other elders!!!!!!!!!!!! It was super cool even though I was kind of freaking out because not many members came to the baptism. (If the elders there have a baptism go! Even if you don’t know the person just people being there helps!) but it still turned out well! I kind of did terrible on playing the piano! Elder Shields did a special number for her but I got super nervous and I couldn’t play at all it was frustrating because an hour before hand it was perfect :P   But it happens :P

Also we had a cool experience.  We cut our hair this week so we went and talked to our barbers about the gospel!  It was actually really cool we each taught the barber that was cutting our hair and then we talked about a lot of different stuff.  Then we were sitting there afterwards talking and they started talking about apocalypse.  I don’t know like everyone here loves apocalypse ....sorry I meant Revelations. It is called apocalypse in Portuguese :P   But she started talking about how it talks about all the different churches in the last days and I looked at her and said, that is what we are saying...we aren’t saying that we are just another church we are saying that we are the church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth through the prophets.  When I said that it hit me very strongly.  I had not been planning to make a declaration of that sort but it just came. It proved to me that the promise is true; to open our mouths and they shall be filled. It was a super cool experience and a great way we had to share our testimony! (They invited us back and our now our investigators ;p)

What other cool things have happened...I was able to do an interview for a baptism! THAT IS SUPER COOL and it helps me know that there are people out there :)

I was thinking this week about the types of missionaries that there are: the planters, the cultivators, and the reapers. It looks like in this area I am most useful to the Lord as a planter but honestly I am okay with that :)  I know that I am doing what I must to have a truly successful mission :) 

Love, Elder Pachner

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