Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014       
So there was a huge bike rally this week here and that wasn’t to fun for us :P  You know it isn’t exactly the right place for the missionaries to go and hang out at :P
Well let me start off by telling you what cool things happened this week.........................................I drew a blank......

Okay I will just talk about the spiritual cool things. We went and taught our friends/investigators this week. We talked about families and temples. That was a fun lesson because I had to start with the bible.  I started with the tabernacle and explained how that was the temple and how God always asked his people to build temples for him because it was specifically His house. I explained about Solomon’s temple and then I went and talked about the difference between temples and churches.  I talked about the synagogues and how in the bible it talks about them and the temple as separate places. They understood that more or less and then elder William started talking about sealing and how extremely important that is. It was a cool experience because he started talking and they didn’t really understand and we talked about how God always instituted marriage and everything.  Elder William bore his testimony.  I then offered my testimony about when our family was sealed. I told them how we were all sealed together as a family so that Ashley and Jacob would always be my brother and sister. I bore my testimony that I know the church is true and that I KNOW that the sealing power brings families together and was ordained by God. Then we invited them to become baptized and then they started crying....they said that  they felt like they didn’t feel the change yet and that they were comfortable in their church but they didn’t want  this to end our friendship. They cried because they thought we weren’t ever going to come back but we told them that we weren’t there to convert them we were there because we love them and we want the same happiness as we feel for them!   Yeah that was like the best part of my week. This week we are going to teach about Joseph Smith.

It is going great with my companion. He is like a little brother to me or like a brother who is the same age because I don’t beat up on him but I still have a little bit more experience than him but at the same time I learn things from....It’s a complex relationship :P

Love you guys so much!!!
I am learning so much here and I promise I will return a much better person :)

I love you all,

Elder Pachner

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