Monday, August 25, 2014



You guys sent so many pictures that you forgot to actually send me a real email ;P

But it is okay I can imagine that you are all having a good time over there boating while I am sweating it out over here during what should have been winter. It is like 80 degrees during winter......I am going to die during the summer :P but I don't worry I just remember that I am almost half way done and that this will be my last summer on the mission?!?!?!?!?! isn't that just crazy!! Time has flown by like crazy!!!
This week was a cool week. We were teaching some of our investigators and they were asking about  the a scriptures that they didn't understand in the Book of Mormon. It was about the spirit world and so we started teaching about the spirit world again. So we started explaining and they told us that they don’t actually believe in the spirit world!  We started to explain and show them in the Bible where the Bible talks about the spirit world. In first Peter and then we talked about the thief at the side of Christ asking him to remember him.  Christ said that he would go with him into paradise.  When Christ was resurrected he told Mary that he had not yet gone to his father. So we were just like, so if this is what the Bible is saying then how could there not be a spirit world. It was very different and then we invited them to read the Book of Mormon because that was truly the only way that they could be able to know that the plan of salvation was true. It was a good lesson and it showed me how much it truly helps to study the lessons because if I had not actually studied in the morning I would not have been able to answer their questions.

I love you guys and I hope that all things are going well at home! :) 
Love you, Elder Pachner

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