Monday, August 25, 2014



This week was really good! It ended really sadly! For sacrament meeting we sang the Day Dawn is breaking...I wasn’t able to sing it very well but it made me think of all you guys and realize how very lucky I am to have a family like you.

This week was interesting! We watched a movie that was super touching. It was the Emma Smith movie. All my life I always thought of her as a kind of failure because at the end of her life she apostatized. But this movie showed something so different. It showed how much that she truly did for this church and how much she supported Joseph Smith. It couldn’t have been any old regular person to be able to go through the things that they went through. She had to be as strong as he was and in some ways even stronger. It was a really beautiful movie and I felt the spirit super strongly as I said.  I grew alot during this experience. 
Also I have been learning something here on the mission....the harder I try to become a better missionary the more the Lord blesses me to become soo.....I know that looks kinda like a duhhhh moment but still it is something that I am seeing everyday!

Love, Elder Pachner

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