Friday, June 6, 2014

6/2 Letter

Hey momma! 
So my new missionary is a Brazilian! He is from the north and is not really accustomed to the cold climate here :P it is really funny actually I am walking around with a short sleeve on and he walked with a long sleeve shirt and thermal underwear! It is pretty funny! I asked him what was the coldest winter that he ever past through and he told me that it was like 28 Celsius which is like way warm! Right now it is like 18 in the morning but warms up a lot during the day! But don’t let the 18 fool you it is actually really cold because of the fact that it is super humid. 
Ohhh his name is elder Silva but he is going to be changing his name to elder William because Silva is super common.
Ummmm so yeah the language! I am super comfortable with the language....I could actually write this whole letter in Portuguese and really there are actually few words that I have a lot of trouble saying. I still have an accent but I am working on it.
This week was really fun! We had a bunch of cool things happen! President finally came to our house to give us our beds (it was because elder Silva came to the house :P)
So this week I was preparing training for our district about testimonies. I started with a prayer and immediately I thought of testimonies and what we need to do to receive them....and how our investigators need them as well. It was a great feeling to receive the inspiration and I went with it! I started studying and I ended up at the central point of the testimony....the Book of Mormon and then we all bore our testimonies on the Book of Mormon and we practiced teaching about it! It was a very cool feeling because honestly I was super worried about it before hand but when I was teaching about it I felt the spirit very strongly! I am super glad for the Holy Ghost and how through him we can receive direction in our lives. 

Another thing that touched me during this week was when we were able to listen to the testimonies during fast and testimony meeting. I heard something that really touched me. A woman was talking about callings and she said that when people asked her how she was feeling because of her calling she was say ´´The body is tired but the spirit is strong.´´ Truly this is how I feel on the mission! I am super tired all the time! But there has never been a time in my life when I have felt so in tune with the spirit! I feel like he is truly my constant companion! 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Elder Pachner

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