Friday, June 6, 2014

5/19 Letter

It´s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it will be on Saturday! :P and you know what president got me for my birthday????? A bed, closet, and study tables!!! and a new companion!!!!!!! I am going to be training!! Whaooo!!!!! I am super excited!!! So yeah! I am super excited for that because you know it is just something new to do and I am happy that I am getting more responsibilities! The only thing I am worried about is the fact that I only have about 2 weeks in the area and that means that I am going to have to try and remember everything this next week!!! I will be getting the new missionary this next Monday!!!!!! :) or Tuesday i really don’t know but anyways it will all be good with me! 
Oh yeah and I am going to turn 19 this biggie! I am just going to do something fun....I have no idea what yet but I will find something to do!
Ummm I had a really cool experience this week! I was sitting and thinking during the sacrament and I was looking at the family in front of me. They had a child that looked a lot like Chase when he was younger. He was squirreling around and messing but at the same time it was really cute. And when I looked at him I started to think about you guys and then I started to think about my future family and how much I want my family to be like that and as I was thinking about that and my mission in general the spirit came to me and the words came to me ´´It will all be worth it´´ Truly I know this! I know that my mission has a purpose and I know that truly one of the most important things that we learn here on the mission is how to grow up and coexist with other people! I am very glad for my mission and for that fact that I am serving here in Brazil!
I love and miss all of you! I hope that you all get the chance this week to think about someone that you would like to see in the gospel and then talk to them a little about it :)
I love you!!!!
Love, Elder Pachner

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