Friday, June 6, 2014

4/28 Letter

So this week we had some two investigators come to church!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) They were not the same investigators that were there last week but still we had some there which is awesome :) I am feeling very hopeful for the growth of this area  :) We have some amazing people that we are teaching and I am really hoping to help here :) 
So about the transfer there was one last week but both Elder Schoen and I stayed in the same area which is awesome! I really like him! He is like a brother to me! We are getting to the point that we can already anticipate what the other will say in lessons! We are really having a great time here!
Okay so about the title I will explain :) so the other day we had an English class and we had this new girl come. We had actually contacted her on the bus about 4 weeks before and we had called her to remind her about the English class that morning but she had rejected our call soooo we were like okay she isn’t ever gonna come so we decided to not to call her again. But then during the English class who should show up but her! The first thing she says is okay so after the English class we can talk about religion right? It was amazing :) So we had our English class and then we had a member who goes there stay with us so we could teach her right there in the chapel. 
So we started to teach her and the lesson was going great! It was a very spiritual lesson and then we got to the first vision! The Holy Ghost testified very strongly and I just felt extreme peace. We told her that what she was feeling was the spirit.  She accepted to be baptized! Hopefully it will happen :)
Overall it was a good week! I love you guys so much! 
Love, Elder Pachner

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