Friday, June 6, 2014

5/26 Letter

Okay so hopefully you received all the different pictures from me! I was at the lan house with the zone leaders this morning and all I did was send pictures for like an hour so I am just going to write you now..... So how was your week??? Ohhh in reference to theI have a son thing I am going to be training and I am going to go pick up my little one at the mission office tomorrow! I am super excited! Also I got called as a District Leader.....I am really nervous to give all the different trainings but it should be a good experience! I am really happy to have Presidents and the Lord’s confidence! So this week I had some really cool things happen.....unfortunately I forgot to write them down in my planner so I don’t remember them ;P     oh here is one....we had a exhibit about the Book of Mormon the other day!! It was super cool!!! We set up banners by the access to the ferry boat and then we talked to everyone!! It was pretty cool! We were able to do some 400 contacts which was perfect! I had a boat load of fun! I had been feeling kind of unexcited to do contacts but this truly helped me feel much happier about doing them! I had a bunch of fun just talking to people and explaining about the Book of Mormon and watching people understand :) It was truly a super day!!! It was super funny as we were there working a group of teenagers came up and started singing, ´´abraço abraço abraço é de graça.´´ which is like say hug hug hug is for free! and they came up and wanted to give us all hugs.......hahaha it was pretty funny we told them that we couldn’t but we all just started laughing because they stood like at the end of our banners and tried to give the people getting on the ferry boat hugs :P it was actually really funny! In the end we took a photo with all of them and I invited them all to English class!! Not one of them came but still it was pretty fun :)
What other things are happening with the work....I am feeling the spirit stronger and stronger. My prayers continue to become more meaningful to me and I am truly loving the work! The other day I was at the church just looking at the pictures. I saw a picture of Christ and I looked at it and I silently prayed. I asked if He was happy with my work on the mission and I felt a peace come over me. I know that God has accepted my work thus far and will continue to accept it as long as I am trying my best and working with the spirit. The other day I was teaching about repentance. I was teaching and I was telling the kid that I was teaching about the 5 steps...then he asked what happens if we make the same mistake twice. I told him this, God doesn’t ask us to be perfect he just asks us to be willing. I felt the spirit really strongly during that! I know that truly God does not ask us to be perfect he only asks us to have the desire to do what is right and when we fall down to get back up!
I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you for sending me all the emails :)
Love, Elder Pachner

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