Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I love general conference!!!!!!
Well this week was wonderful and stressful at the same time. Wonderful because we have some amazing investigators that we are teaching and I felt the spirit strongly this week.  On the other hand it was super stressful because there was zone conference and that is when absolutely everyone calls me to buy bus tickets!!!!! Talk about a headache! I was away from the office for one hour teaching a lesson and when I turned back on my phone I had 12 lost calls!!! That was after 1 hour!!!!!
…but getting away from the stress of the work place let me talk about my wonderful experiences  :)
This week we have be preparing 2 of our young investigators for baptism! They are going to be baptized tomorrow during the interval of conference! Their parents (who aren’t members) were super excited because they wanted them to be baptized while ´´our prophet´´ talks!! They are only non members for now! Just wait like 1 month and you will get the pictures of them getting baptized as well :)

Well we taught them about the restoration and that was something really cool! But as almost always, as soon as we got through the first vision they got distracted by people passing by...but still the spirit was there and they understood everything. Then the next day we taught them at a member’s house. While we were there the other children came to listen to the lesson as well. It was cool because we taught about the plan of salvation. We taught them using little laminated paper circles that have everything in pictures on them. All the children, their ages were 13, 10, 9, and 8, liked to ask a lot of questions as we taught...some relevant others....not so much :P but it was really good because we got to teach everything really simple!! Holy smokes I learned that is it really hard to teach a bunch of children.  Mom props to you for the primary children :) (You too Rachel, I know you have been teaching a bunch of children :) ) I need tips from all of you guys to help me out. But it was interesting....the one with 8 years old said that she would like to go the terrestrial world because she likes the moon so I was like alright let’s forget the moon it is like in the Telestial world you will eat charcoal, and in the Terrestrial world you will eat beets, and in the Celestial world you will chocolate....the moms didn’t like the example to much ;P

The other day we were teaching the parents and they had a question about the apostasy. It was a good question. They started talking about how the bible was gathered together in 400 AD and how the successors of the apostles were there and I was like, nope not exactly. They were like What?  and I was like, well see this so the first pope he claimed to have received the right from Peter to be their first pope or ´´father´´ i.e. leader of the church right...and they were like, Yes and then I was like but why would he have become the leader of the church when John, an original apostle, who walked, and talked with Jesus, was still alive? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for John to be the leader???  They were like uhhh that makes sense, and then we shared in 1 timothy and in 2 Thessalonians about the apostasy! It was really good and I was able to bear my testimony! :) I love being a missionary and feeling the spirit so strong!!! I don’t ever want to loose it :)

Well I really like conference! My favorite was by Elder Packer! It was about eternal marriage....trunky!!!!  I really did like his talk it was awesome :) It made me think about how truly important it is that we are for all eternity not something that will be a short term decision. Your spouse needs to be a decision that you have thought about for a long time and that you have prayed and fasted and gone to the temple and done everything until you receive that confirmation that you are doing the right thing! But don’t worry I will wait until after my mission to start that whole thing ;P  hahaha
I love you all!!! I know that this gospel is true and I know that Jesus Christ lives!!! He is the head of this church and he has chosen our prophet, Thomas S. Monson and every one of the twelve apostles. They hold all the keys of the priesthood!  That is where this church becomes different from all others. The authority was restored and because it was we all, men, women and children, have been, are being, and will forever be blessed!

Love, Elder Pachner

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