Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This week we had an amazing adventure! It wasn’t really that much fun but I will talk about that later. 

Well this week I will be making a year on the mission :) (I realized that this sentence makes absolutely no sense in English but I cannot remember how to actually phrase yeah) 

So about this adventure. It was Thursday and it was raining and the area where we are working is like an hour away from us so I was like Elder lets go ride a bus there today :) and so we went to the bus station and we asked the attendant which bus would take us to Bairro São Paulo.  She said Escalvados.  I looked at here and I was like are you sure because Escalvados is really far from where we work and she was like yup I am sure so we got on the bus and we went. Well long story short we ended up about 40 km or 25 miles from home. Like it passed where the bus usually turns around and then it kind of just kept on going and I was like elder we will just ride it out until it stops and it has to come back. Well that didn’t happen for some time and in the end after about 1.5 hours the money taker came back to ask us to buy more tickets to go forward and I told him our situation and he kind of looked really confused at us and then he said that it would be another $16 each to keep going and I was like “sir I don’t have that money.” So he pulled the cord and allowed us to get out and then gave us directions to walk back to the town we had just left so we walked for about 10 min until we got back and then I looked into my wallet and realized that to buy a passage back I was 1 real short so I started thinking....and praying. And then the idea came to me. We went to this store and we asked if we could buy something on the credit card and then have them put one more real on the price and give me the one real in trade. They said sure but that the limit to swipe the card was 10 real so I bought a bunch of junk and then we bought our passages and went back home. Just to give you a measure of time we left at about 2:30 and returned at 6:30 4 hours!!!!!!!!! But I was grateful for the idea and the clear head that I had. It was a bad situation (because we didn’t have cell phone service as well) but in the end it turned out just fine and I know that it happened for a reason but I just don’t know why. Anyways adventure time complete: P  I don’t want any more for the next year ;P

This week we had 5 investigators in church :) That was super duper awesome!!! I felt really good! The members really noticed...too bad this is the last week of the transfer and I am probably going to get transferred out :P

Um I don’t know if you got it yet but I sent a letter to you guys with my testimony. 
But after this one year on the mission I can say that I am truly not the same person. I have changed so much this past year and I know it has all been for the better. 
I know that this church is true :)
I love you!!

Elder Pachner

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