Thursday, October 2, 2014


Well it looks like all good things must come to an end. My son was transferred yesterday.  :(  He went to the farthest area in the mission! It was actually really sad to see him get into the bus all alone but that is the way the mission goes. It was funny he wrote me a note in my journal of companions and he wrote it like the Book of Mormon and he wrote the first book of Laman because he was my first son! (First companion I trained) So I will be getting a new companion this week. It is going to be good!

This week was full of good moments. It was awesome to see Marcelo baptized! It was one of the happiest days of my mission! I am really grateful for him and for his dedication to the gospel. He is only 17 but is already ready to go on a mission :)  His little brother already wants to be baptized. 
This Sunday we had 230 members at church and 4 investigatores :)  We sang in the chorus!!! It was cool because they were able to see Marcelo get confirmed and that was really cool. He asked me to confirm him and I was super nervous but I felt the spirit :)  He is a really good kid. 
This week we went to the church of the Adventistas of the Seventh Day. That was really interesting. Our investigators invited us and so we were like sure whatever sounds good. It was unfamiliar but alright. They sang a lot of hymns. 

Okay I am going to be honest I did not write notes in my planner about what happened this week so it is really hard to remember!!! Sorry!@!! I promise that next week I will have more!
Love, Elder Pachner
Sei que Jesus Cristo Vive! Que ele nos ama que é por causa dessa amor que ele tem para nos que ele sofreu para nos. Sou grato por o poder do arrependimento. Espero que todos nós podemos olhar para isto como um presente e um prazer de usar.
Em Nome de Jesus Cristo


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