Friday, October 18, 2013

Elder Pachner Letter from 10/16/2013.

HIIIIII :) I am so glad that you guys signed up for mission ties!!! now I don't have to send about 4 dollars worth of letters :) I have been having a good week!!! It is so crazy this Friday we are going out into Sao  Paulo center and are going to be proselytizing for real !!!!!! ;) I know isn't it awesome. 

Today I decided that I was going to give up speaking English ..yeah I know that is really kind of scary and seems like a super big task but I know that the Lord will help me as I do my best to become like Him and put my all into the language.  

My investigator is being baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well my fake investigator who is my teacher) and it was super cool!!!! We were teaching and we felt impressed to ask him so we did! His baptism date is on the 12 of November  Also had another experience that wasn't so cool but it helped me learn a lot. So my comp and I were preparing for a lesson and everyone else had already gone and so they were being a little rowdy and talking and singing all sorts of stuff....and i got carried away and didn't focus on rereading my lesson. Then when it came to be our turn to teach we went to go into the lesson and I just didn't feel the spirit very strong. It was like a pointless lesson because we didn't even really get to teach our investigator very just showed me that I need to do my part if I want the Lord to help me! Lesson Learned. 

Also this week i watched the 17 miracles !! So amazing sometimes i forget how much more people gave for me to be a part of this church. I decided that I want to be humble like Levi Savage, to always press onward like the little small guy Simon  and to have charity for all those around me like George  It just really impressed me how extremely Christlike those early saints were! I am so very grateful for all that they went through for me. 

What else happened this week...Um we got some new room mates who are Brazilian so we are trying to teach them English !! Next week they are going to pray in English so please pray for them!!! I am just so very happy to be here. I feel like I have been for like many years and then i realize yesterday was the half way point!!!! Ridiculous I know !!!!! We have classes for like 12 hours a day! I use to think that I studied comparison to the extreme amount I study here on the mission!! I have 3 out of the 13 articles of faith down and I am trying to have them all memorized by the time I am done!!! :) 

So what has been going on at home?? Ohhh and today we were in the temple and we had sometime so we got to do baptisms.  It was cool because I got to preform some of them in Portuguese so it was a big help to practicing for when I am out in the field! Today we have a special devotional broadcast from the Provo mtc and I am betting that it is going to be either Elder Holland or President Uchtdorf speaking.  If you have the conference ensign  could you send me one :) I really want to reread the talks!!! I found an amazing scripture; d and c 122 7 at the end....I give you all these things for your good. I know that I have been through tough times and one of the questions that an investigator asked was why does God allow suffering? I used that scripture and said if God made life easy would we have learned anything?  God gives us trials that we might become better and over come them. Deus da nos dificil tempos porque ele quer nos tornar-se melhor e venemos isso tempos. that sentence is Portuguese more or less!! I am feeling like i can kinda understand when people are talking so hopefully I will become more proficient as I work at it :)
I love all of you so very much :)
Elder Pachner

I remember some other stuff :) also we watched this short video on the just talked about how we are now representing Jesus Christ and how some missionaries ask sometimes why missions are hard....the Apostles responded if it was hard for Jesus,  a perfect missionary,  what made you think it was going to be easy for you. They said that every time you are tired, disheartened, pushed to hard, turned down, hit, spat upon....remember the Savior....when you think you have done enough and you deserve a rest....think of the Savior think of how He never gave up for you and still continues to never give up on you! think about how he never had rest. They said on a mission you have to go through a small portion of what Jesus went through to become like Him and bring souls unto Christ  It was amazing! I felt the spirit super strongly as they talked about it! Make sure you watch this video called "The Spirit" by David A Bednar...It changed how I though about the Holy Ghost and my relationship with him. I am so very glad  to be here! my teachers are amazing!! I wouldn't have traded any experience at college for what i am learning right here in Brazil!!!

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