Friday, October 4, 2013

MTC Letter

     Hey!!! Frist P-day so I am able to write to you guys for about 45 excuse all the mistakes in the typing. So yes the travel was super tough but I think i am getting over it okay! Today we went to the Sao Paulo temple which is my new favorite temple! 

     So about the language yes it is super hard but I know that the Lord is helping me so incredibly much to learn the language. Not only Portuguese but the language of the spirit. There is a certain spirit here that I have only felt in one other place...the temple! It is pure learning and we are all progressing at such a fast rate!!! 

   We are allowed to go outside of the MTC here and walk around the city for a little bit!!!! It was kinda scary and really different but fun like an adventure at the same time!!! I am so very excited about the work! I love Portuguese! IT is a really beautiful language and I cant wait to be fluent in it!! Today we went out to go get churrios which happen to be the bestest thing in the whole entire world! then we went to the store and bought hangers and got soccer jerseys because they are cheap now before the world cup but as soon as it starts they are going to jump in prices! 

     I have had some really cool spiritual experiences. Did i tell you that we started teaching on the Friday after we got into the MTC in Provo in Portuguese? it was really scary but i felt the spirit strongly. It helped me know what to say and even though i couldn't always find the right words I knew the pescidsador (investigator) knew what I meant and felt the spirit. I realize now that I have a very strong testimony of families! I am so very grateful that I will be sealed to you forever and know that If we live righteously we will be together for all eternity! I know that my trust in God has increased as i have had to totally rely on him to help me learn this crazy new language in a totally crazy land!!. I am so happy to be a part of this gospel and I know that I am doing all that the Lord wants me to do. I know that God answers prayers! 

     The food is not soo is at least edible :) I try really hard to try everything at least once and right now I am not to terribly sick!! How is everything at home? By the way the mtc (ctm) down here doesn't accept packages...i think? and the shoes are great but I am going to need another pair so one can dry out while i wear the other ones. 

     I am so humbled when I look at all those around me who have come from all over the world to serve a mission and I learn what they have had to give up to come on a mission I realize how great life in america really is. The people here are so nice! today we had people just come up to us on the street and try talking to us!!!! They are much more humble here in Brazil as apposed to America.

hahahahahaha i learned something kinda funny too!!!! so i was nervous once we got off the airplane so I was snapping my fingers and clapping my hands and just kinda fidgeting........until someone told me that is how you call prostitutes in Brazil,,,,,,,,haaahahah it was just kinda funny to think i had been doing that! 

    Our teacher in Provo told us something before we left....he said look at the pre-mortal was huge wasn't it....he says all we did when we were there was learn. He then said don't you think that the Lord would have taught you Portuguese before you came to this earth...don't you think that you are learning it so fast is  because you already know it you just need the spirit to help take the veil from off you mind so that you can RELEARN it faster? We just felt the spirit as he talked and I know what he was saying was true!!!  I love you all soo very much!!!!! I will have another p-day on Wednesday so expect an email from me then!!!! :) I really am so very excited to be here and happy to be serving the Lord..

one more thing the Sunday devotional at the mtc was the most amazing thing in the world. I felt the spirit so strongly ....It was such a powerful experience as I listened to talks about the temple and women and how sacred they both are!!

      :) it is very funny the day we got here we got a thing that we had to read about locking your heart so you wouldn't fall in love with the girls hahahahahah it was kinda funny :P
Love, Elder Pachner

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  1. Wow Kade seems like so much fun and I am glad you got your visa. Be careful with those hand gestures lol. And your teacher is right you did learn Portuguese in the pre mortal life your just now relating back to it and actually putting it into practice. I am glad you are doing the blog thing. I'm glad you have felt the spirit a lot and I know that in your future experiences as a missionary the spirit will become your eternal companion. Keep writing I will be looking forward to reading about everything you have done and how fluent you get in Portuguese.
    seu um grande homem e manter o bom trabalho.

    From: Stefannia