Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/09/13 Letter from Kade while in the MTC:

HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! Boa Tarde!
Conference was the most amazing thing in the whole world!!! IT was sooo amazing! When the opening prayer was said and the speaker prayed to bless the missionaries all around the world with the spirit I literally felt the spirit come! Such a cool way to see that prays are really answered! :) 

I am so happy here!!! It is extremely hard. Everyday seems like an eternity and a second at the same time!! all the days blend together but when you have been here a week it feels like a year! I am sending you letters today!!! Two! and I hope they will be able to make it to the US in about 3 weeks! did you get the thing from mission ties about sending me emails and they print them out at letters so I can read them throughout the week? 

More about conference though! I had such a cool experience with just listening to it. I don't think i have ever listened that hard to anything in my life!! When we sang called to serve you could feel the spirit just filling up the entire room!!! Please pray for me and my comp....its kinda rough right now for me so if you could pray that I could be nice to him that would be great :) So I was teaching a new investigator and we were talking about the restoration and everything and when it came time to bear my testimony I told him this. Eu sei que eu pode viver com meu familia em vida eterna. Eu sei que deus ama mi e ele querer me para voltar com ele. Eu sei que o livro de mormon e verdade. Eu sei que e verdade. After i said that small testimony I knew that it was true and that I can live with my family forever! You have no idea what a comfort that is to me! That because Jesus atoned for our sins we can live with him for all eternity in HAPPINESS! such a cool thing! I am working on become more humble and gaining increased charity for my fellow man! 

Have you ever thought about charity? it is really hard to come by and even harder to gain! so i have been reading Moroni 7 to try and help me learn about it so i can become it. Today we went to the temple and i bought this awesome picture book that I can use for all my lessons!!! It has pictures from the creation bible book of Mormon and the restoration!!! I was so very excited about it!!! It has been sooooooooo funny! when we first got the the ctm they gave us all a paper entitled lock your heart.....pretty much saying you better not fall in love while you are here... so anytime a guy goes up to talk to a sister missionary my comp always screams lock you heart elder....kinda funny :P Anyways my heart is so very locked....Truth be told i don't even really notice girls like that here. I am so totally focused all the time that there really is nothing else to think about! Just yesterday I carried out a conversation with a native Brazilian for about 30 at breakfast!!! 

I am soooo pumped!! I mean all i know are gospel words but i have been sorta able to apply what i have learned! It was super cool! We actually are teaching another investigator tonight! plan of salvation we are breaking up into 4 parts because i never really realized how much information is in the plan of salvation before i tried to teach is soo much!!

Anyways I was soooooo happy with general many of the talks applied to us and i just know that the Lord can communicate to us through impressions we receive as we listen to his words through the Apostles and Prophets. I also thought of something else as I was listening....women really do bring the spirit like amazingly strong. Elders are just different than sisters and Sometimes i really do wish i had sisters in my classes because of the amazing spirit that they bring. 

Another funny thing... my comp dropped his scriptures and some sisters that were walking by were like "ohh no your wife just got uglier" and then i said the harder you work the prettier your wife.... and then they told me no that it is the more you pray the prettier you wife! I was like awesome ... I pray about every single 10 seconds of the day so my wife is going to be a goddess :P It was just funny! 

Sometimes it is really stressful here but those are the times that you have to think like President Monson and say "shall i falter or shall i finish' That is awesome!!! :) i love him so much he is super inspirational. 

So the food here is kinda funky....but i eat it so i figure it is all in good practice!!! Have you sent me any letters??? I would love to hear from all of you not just mom and dad :) 

Another way i saw prayer answered was the first day i got here i felt so overwhelmed and just so inadequate so as soon as my new comp left the room i knelt and prayed....And as soon as I was done with the prayer I felt peace! It was the best thing in the world :) I know that my Father in Heaven knows me on a personal level. One last thing we watched this video about the atonement. It was saying that some missionaries ask why it is so hard serve a mission. And the Apostles answered that if the Savior, a perfect missionary, had such a hard time, what makes you ever think that yours would be easier? They said whenever you are tired or just feel like you have done enough....remember the Savior.. There is always someone else to teach there is always someone else to be given the opportunity to everlasting life through you so when you are tired and done remember the Savior. remember that He was nailed to the cross for you so you could share this gospel and bring souls unto Him. I love my Savior! I know that He lives and I know that I will live with Him again As i strive to learn to become like Him
I love you also very much and I want you to know I know my Redeemer lives.
Love, Elder Pachner

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