Sunday, November 17, 2013

11/11/13 Letter (First Letter From Florianopolis)


I am having a great time here!!!!! I am learning a whole lot all at once!!! Everyday I get a  lot better at Portuguese and I can have conversations with the people here!!! The first thing my trainer (Elder Arnie a Brazilian) Said was that I had some pretty good Portuguese!!! I was excited about that! He told me that I talked way better than the first american he trained! 

Ummm other things about the first day here....well I was told to take a taxi to the bus station, buy a ticket to some city i couldn't pronounce.....then once i got to this city i had to also buy another ticket and  then arrive at my area. ararangua! .............yeah all by my was so extremely scary! I had no idea what was going on!! I actually got off at the first stop, which happened to be the wrong city, but the bus driver wouldn't give me my bags because he knew that I was in the wrong place!! I was pretty relieved about that!! So then some nice British lady helped me buy my ticket at the other city and that's where I met my companion and I have been okay ever since! 

So far we have 6 new investigators!! Which is like crazy! and we helped an inactive family come back to church!!! I was stoked about that because we were only suppose to get one inactive for month but we already have two!!!! and it was only the first week!!! 

First day in the was pretty companion only speaks limited English and there was just alot going on! so my first day that I have really been home sick on the mission...after that though It was been great. We have lunch with the members and everyone is really surprised by my Portuguese! We are actually setting up a free English class so that we can find more people to teach!!! It has been pretty cool!! The craziest thing that I have eaten is a it is all going pretty great over here :P I am not even the picky eater! My companion has already told the members of the ward he doesn't eat beans, fruit, or sweets!!! Which is crazy in my book!!! Everything here is like a billion and one dollars!!! They have a 30% tax on everything!!!!! It is rough! We get about 220 reals every month to eat so we eat alright! Hmmm well I have to wash all my fruit and drink from a special water-bottle so I don't get some random disease but its all good!!! So far we walk about 20 miles a day! So it is actually not bad!! These first pictures are from Provo and these later ones are from Brazil!!!! I love it here!!! Portuguese is such a pretty language! 
I did not receive any packages....but the mtc in Brazil does not receive them! so that could have been the problem! My new address is the address you have in the mission call has the florianopolis misison office and thats where all the letters go and then they get distributed to all the missionaries! Monday is my new p-day!!! So its all good here!!! 

Tell me all about what is going on at home :) I miss you guys and hope you are having a great time!!! Also read the letter I attached to the next email! It has all the funny stories from my stay at the mtc :P and tell me what you want to know about brazil!! It is like the land of puppies! THere are puppies everywhere here!!!!! seriously you can´t go five feet down the street without seeing a puppie!!!! It is ridicoulous!!! and there are lizards here about 1 meter in length....aphhhhhhhh i dont like them! me and my comp were down at the river taking pictures with him camera and all the sudden a huge thing moved in the grass and I was like what the heck was that and he said cachorro....which means dog.....and I was like yeah now whenever we hear something that we dont know we just yell cachorro!!! :P

I love you all so very much!!!!! I am so glad I am serving here in brazil and that you are my family :)

Ohhh and I already know what I want for christmas.......peanut butter!!!!!!! and gatorade mix! Thats all I want :P you dont even have to send me a coat or sweaters! Just peanut butter :) 
Love Elder Pachner

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