Tuesday, March 18, 2014

03/17/2014 Letter

I am not 100% sure but I think his new companion (Elder Schoen) is the person to his right.

Here is the letter from Elder Pachner:

Hiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is it going??? I am having a really good time! This is the first week with Elder Schoen! He is actually really cool! We are already really good friends! This week was actually really fun!!! So this week we were walking and Elder Schoen looks at me and told me I looked like a Nazi and then he was like but you look like a hot Nazi so I am going to call you Hotzi! So now he calls me Hotzi on the street which is really funny!!! He is a super good teacher! I am learning a lot from him! It was really funny the other day we were just walking down the street and I started to sing one direction and he looks at me really weird until I get to the chorus and then he started to sing the chorus with me!! It was actually really funny!!!!! It was really funny! I threw a goiaba at him the other day.....I don't actually remember why but it just goes to show that I really am having a fun time on the mission :) 
So some other the cool things that happened this week!!! We talked to a investigator and he invited us into his house to talk to him! We went and started talking about the first vision! It was a really good lesson and then when Elder Schoen was teaching about the Book of Mormon I had the impression to ask him to pray if the Book of Mormon was true right then and there! At first I was like no I really don't want to do that! I was scared to invite him because I was thinking what if he doesn't feel the Spirit! But then the thought came to me that this was the Spirit talking to me and if I didn't ask him right then and there maybe he would take alot more time to get baptized so I asked him if he would pray about the Book of Mormon right there in front of us! He prayed and at first he said he didn't feel anything and then Elder Schoen asked how he was feeling and if it was feelings of peace and love like we had promised him at the beginning of the lesson! He said yes and he is actually marked to get baptized on the 5 of April!!!! Whahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was super happy!!!! I really love my misson! I am having such a good time! 

I love the mission! I feel the Spirit every day and I know he is my constant companion! During a lesson I was explaining about prophets and I gave an example! I knew that my Portuguese failed a little bit on the explanation and when I looked at Elder Schoen he looked confused however the man we were teaching was like ´´I get it! The prophet is like a link in between the people and God!!!!´´ I know that this was the spirit helping him! The spirit new I had tried my very best to explain and it gave the man he right thoughts to understand the point I was getting at!!! I am so very grateful for the spirit! Without himIi would be so terribly lost in this grand work!  I truly feel the joy of missionary work and I am so very happy here.
So about my allergy! I went to the doctor today and they gave me all the contact allergy stuff and all the stuff turned up negative so I am going back Wednesday to see about some other tests! But its all good! I love all of you so much!! I miss you but I am truly happy here! I feel the spirit all the time! I cannot believe that this week is 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/4 OF MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is up with that???
I love you all so much!!! :)
Elder Pachner 

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