Thursday, February 27, 2014

02/24/14 Letter

Okay so for the first time in like forever I will actually answer your questions! Here is my new district!

My new area is going good! The people here are a little cold to us so I am giving an English class to try and get people to the one as of yet. We are also having a gospel class and that isn't doing so well either but we are trying. Right now we have been working with less actives and actually we have one that has been at church for about 3 consecutive weeks!!! I am sure excited about that!   If we reactive this less active I will feel very effective! It is like 10x harder to reactive than it is to baptise so I am pretty happy!

I know my way around....kinda.... My companion and I are doing good....we had a fight this past Friday but we ended up talking it out and I felt a whole lot better afterward....But yeah this week was good!

I have earned myself a nickname on the mission......The Pharisee. It is a loving nickname but it does show my zeal for following all the rules :P

Carnival starts this week which should be interesting to see. 

Anyways I really love hearing all about your stories!

So something funny about this area is that the Stake President lives in our area and it was actually a little funny because I was over at his house for lunch.  I was making them laugh so I think he likes me which in my book is a good thing because he talks directly to President Fernandes. 

We are having a little bit of trouble finding investigators but I am sure that we will be able to teach someone! My Portuguese is getting better! We were talking to a person on the street and he said that I had less accent than my companion didn't like hearing that!!!! But i thought it was a little funny!

I love you all and I hope you guys are doing great! I promise that I am really focused on the mission! It is actually an incredible blessing that God has given me to be able to focus like I do! I see other missionaries trunky and homesick and I really haven't been ever homesick or stuck on thinking about the past! Truly this is because of your many prayers on my behalf! I love you all so much and I hope you are all having a good time at home! 5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! Only a couple more and I will be talking to you guys over Skype again! :)

Love Elder Pachner 

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