Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/02/2013 Letter


A day in the life of Elder Pachner:

Sundays and p-days don't really differ all that much! On Sundays we have church at 8:30 and they do their classes in reverse order so sacrament is last...I play piano for sacrament and then we have lunch at the house of a member (like everyday) and then we go out and work and return home at 7 to plan for the week! 

P-day we wake up and study for the 3 hours like normal and then until 6:00 pm the day is ours. We go to the store, we go and write emails, go to the post office all that jazz!

Hmmmm soo this week has been really cool!  We have had cool experiences with the spirit! One of the amazing things that happened was we went to go get ice cream....I will explain! We had a district meeting so we were in Criciuma and afterwards we took the bus back to Araranguá; After we got off the bus I just kept thinking....I want ice cream! and then Elder Arine says....I want ice cream! SO we went to the first stand and got ice cream and the lady there was like hey I have seen you guys around and I am curious about religion! What do you do? So we explained to her about the church a little bit and she said she wants to hear more about the church! And she made an appointment with us for the next day!!!!!! So we went and taught her and she literally has a heart of gold! Like she is the nicest friendliest person I have ever met!!!!!! So she is now a progressing investigator all because the spirit told us to go get ice cream! :) 

I started writing in my journal how I saw God's hand in my life and it is pretty great so far! I love looking at how the Spirit has helped me! 

hahahahahahhaha we had a super funny thing happen! so there is a member who came this Sunday....he is a tad eccentric and he got up to bear his testimony on the true meaning of Christmas! he declared SANTA CLAUS IS NOT REAL!!!! hahahhahahaha i started to die! all the kids were like what????? and not only did he say it once but he kept on repeating it! sooooo all the kids in the Araranguá branch now know that Santa Claus is not real!

Another cool thing! We taught an investigator and she said she was just feeling the spirit super strongly! I am so glad for this! She marked a date for baptism in January but we are going to try and change that. This was the first visit! She just said that her heart was beating really fast and that she felt so hot but it was a good feeling at the same time! :) Amazing! I couldnt stop smiling!!!! IT JUST MAKES ME SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her that I couldn't stop smiling because she was feeling the spirit and it just makes me happy! Ahhh i love being a missionary! 
We had a missionary return from the field here too! there was a party and we went but the whole time I was just thinking about you guys! I miss you guys but I know that this work is so worth it! It is more than worth it to me!
I love you all! Mom, about the call, we can Skype which costs no money so don't worry about it! And I expect to receive more information about that on  Wednesday with our zone conference!
Also, sorry I keep asking for things but everything is like a bajillion dollars here! just a flashlight like the one you got me before my mission started! Elder Arine really wants one so if you could he would die for joy!
I love you all!!!! And I hope all is well!! I sent a mail letter....so no idea when that will get there but i hope you guys like it :) Love you with all my heart!
Elder Pachner

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