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Nov. 18, 2013

For any of you that are interested in writing Kade directly, here are his addresses:

If you would like to mail Elder Pachner, or send a package, please send to the following:

Elder Kade Pachner
Brazil Florianopolis Mission
R. Feliciano Nunes Pires, 42
88015-220 Florianopolis - SC

This is last week's letter.

      This week has been pretty good! I have to tell you about something Hiliarius I heard! It was night time and we were getting ready for bed adn the window was open when what did I hear.....What Does The Fox Say!!!! Here in Brazil!!!!! I died! I just started laughing so hard and rolling around on my bed and my companion just looked at me like I was crazy! It was super funny to me!

      And then one day when we were walking in Barranca I saw this gigantic lizard!!! I freaked out a little bit and we heard it running off through the brush and Elder Arenie asked me what it was and I told him it was a huge lizard!! He asked how big and I like yelled in portuguese big enough to eat a chiwah wah....which was super funny at the time and we just kinda died laughing for a little while :P

      On the more informational side I am teaching piano to like everyone here!!! They all think piano is just amazing and so I figured I could teach it  to them! I am super graetful that you guys made me take piano lessons!! Seriously! It is helping all the kids like me in the branch here!

      Also we taught our first investigator! I tried teaching her and all she said what that she couldn't understand what I was saying because of my accent........I was really put out...but the next day we were on a bus to Criciuma (we had a meeting with Presidente Fernades) and some lady sat next to me! And I debated in my head if I was going to talk to her on not....and then the thought came to my mind about the scripture in D&C about opening your mouth and it shall be I did! And by no means was it perfect portuguse but it  was a good lesson and now she has a Book of Mormon and we are teaching her the lessons! Also I was able to talk to this other guy on the bus about the gospel and I gave him the first lesson all by myself!! :) It was cool he had actually helped construct the temple in Curitiba!

      What else! WE have like 14 investigators! I love that :)   This is like amazing! Everyone in our district is jealous :P   We are doing great here!

      Sunday I learned something new...I was thinking about how I wanted to bear my testimony to the branch when lo and behold the person conducting the meeting was like now we would like to invite Elder Pachner up to bear his testimony :P   I did and what I learned is that a testimony doesn't have to be complex or long to be good.  I gave a short and simple testimony and I felt the spirit strongly :) It was a great opportunity and one that I am grateful for!
      I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and I know that he loves you too! :)   It brings me incredible peace to think that all this life is is a test...and that if we are faithful we can live for ETERNITY together! :)    I want this so bad and I want to give this to others as well! I love you all!!! Be Happy and know that God lives and watches over you!

Love, Elder Pachner

Words of wisdom for a guy at the CTM! Always remember you have two names on your name tag....that of your Savior and that of you family...never do anything that would dishonor either of them

This is a picture of the rickety bridge that he has to cross over a river of green water.

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